Why One-third Of Asian American Students Fear Threats And Physical Attacks?


You may have heard Asians abused or something similar in the recent period of time. This issue is far more common than you may believe. Physical attacks, jokes, and verbal attacks are extremely common.

One-third of all Asian American students will suffer some form of threat in his life and especially during education. Let’s see why this happens.


Reasons for Threat and Violence

Asian students feel threats and physical attacks, as you should know by now. But why this happens in the first place? There are a few reasons for that. The first one is Donald Trump. According to the survey, 20% of people claimed he is the main reason.

They stated that his behavior towards China and the claims that Coronavirus is a Chinese flu made people believe that Asian individuals are indirectly responsible for the pandemic. This obviously has no real weight, and it is a common mistake across the American population.


Individuals affected have lower grades as a side effect and, of course, have a lot more problems in everyday life.

Although this sounds irrelevant and almost like a made-up thing, it is a huge deal these days. If you just take a look at the topics covered in essays on Asian American discrimination you can see how severe this issue is! It affects millions all over the country. These essay samples should give you more details about the main problem here and also what to expect. You can learn or get accurate and detailed insights into students’ thoughts and learn even more.

These essays should only help you realize the main magnitude of the problem. Asian American discrimination is more common than you may believe, and people should start doing something about it. When you know why and how it happens, you can do a lot more.

Another reason why violence is present and in the incline is racism. According to many people from the surveyor better said 16% of overall participants, racism is the main reason why Asian Americans suffer violence and abuse.

This is especially common at university, and you can see many people using online studying in order to avoid this issue.

The next reason is pandemic. 15% of the participants claim that pandemic makes them more aggressive and in a bad mood, which is perfectly normal. Even teachers suffer from this issue sometimes.

You may have to write an essay about the topic, which is common and actually affects all the people across the world, not just those in the United States. Education is more complicated than you may believe, and there are a lot of things that are present at college and at any school.

Less-Common Reasons

Not all the reasons are extremely common and affect every possible scenario. There are a few less-known. One of them is the fact racial attacks in college are less commonly reported to the police.

In the aforementioned study, 3% of the people claimed this is the reason why the violence is increasing. Learning more about the subjects can help us prevent this issue from happening. If you have an exam with this matter, make sure to include this section.

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4% of participants claim that the rise of China is the cause. This is actually a severe mistake as well and no something that should affect people in the US.

If you think straight, you can see that not all Asian Americans are from China, and this country is not a threat to any other country. China is advancing economically and doesn’t have plans to become an attacker or a nuclear threat.

The news media has a part in all of this. 3% of participants believe that this is the cause, and they claim that improper or inaccurate media news, posts, and so much more are causing the violence to rise.

People do what they want, and it is based on what they see or what they read. Yes, it is a huge issue these days due to the fact there are a lot of false and problematic posts and news all across the world. Add the fact that violence is also increasing due to false information, and you can see that this reason is actually more problematic than you may believe.

Xenophobia is present as well. It is present in 2% of cases, and it is one of the more severe things on this list. Studying about it should help us learn more and adapt better.

It can be seen on campus and at any college. This is defined as the fear of the unknown such as an unknown object, person, or anything in between. It probably sounds weird and impossible, but it does happen.

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The Final Word

If you weren’t to put an end to this issue and not increase the severity, make sure you stop with anti-Asian-American jokes, treat all people equally and make sure you understand that pandemic is not the fault of anyone.

It is a severe problem that all people from all over the world must work together in order to prevent and solve. Yes, it is difficult, and yes, it does require a lot of time, but it is essential.