Why Krypton Season 3 Is Cancelled ?

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DC universe fans specially have hard times with Krypton Season 3 cancellation. “It was so unexpected and sad at the same time” tweeted one of the Krypton fan. Now why this Season is cancelled?

In this article we’re going to discuss that why Krypton is not renewed for it’s season 3.

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Krypton – Detail information

Krypton Season 3

The DC universe series Krypton was first released in 21 March, 2018. DC universe have a history of pulling the background story of every character, Krypton was one of that kind of movie. We all know that SUPERMAN is the top notch superhero and at the same time most popular superhero of this time.

Keeping this popularity in mind, DC decided to make the prequel of Superman by making Krypton. Fans were excited to watch this series but Krypton doesn’t fulfill the expectations. However, the series do released it’s second season on 12 June, 2019 but the Developers after the 2 months of the second season decided to cut the third installment.

The syky cancelled the third season without giving any particular reason and fans want to know that what happened because of which the show is cancelled.

Why Krypton Season 3 Cancelled?

The Krypton Season 3 was actually the prequel of the Superman story and follows the home planet of him. The idea of this was great but David S. Goyer wasn’t able to put the story altogether and Syfy in the end he decided to cut the season. The news was however was shocking for many people. Also Syfy didn’t gave any particular reason and leave fans in the suspense. In this section we’re going to discuss what were the main reason for the cancellation of Season 3.

Number of views decline

Fans were happy because of the second season and the season also received well from the critics.

But we can’t ignore the fact that the viewed received by Season 2. Not only this but the syfy also acknowledge the first season being the “most-watched debut in four years.” But the number of views decline in second season.

The average viewership of first season’s episode was somewhere around 790,000. On the other hand Krypton’s second season finale watched by only 350,000 people, which is less than Season 1 episodes.

Moreover, the Krypton’s season 2 wholely experienced a downfall of 54 percent ratings and a 48 percent downfall in the viewership.

No Superman

No Superman in Krypton

The another reason of why this series became not so popular was because the show never showed the Superman in reality. The story take place a long before the time when there is birth of Kal-El (Superman) The main protagonist of the story Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) is Kal’s grandfather and during the starting series, his son Jor-El who is Superman’s father who has not born yet.

Furthermore, the story is based on Krypton whose godlike superpowers exist through the exposure to our Earth’s yellow Sun. Not only this but the show never really showed the superpower of the Superman’s enemy General God which is again the main character.

The show was boring.

The storyline of Krypton is somewhere between boring and long. The story was not interesting and it was hard for the people to maintain the same pace. The first season was a flop for many people ad they titled the show as “too much”. The story tries to add about so many characters and it was messing up for the people.

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What are the fan’s reaction for this cancellation news?

The news broke in the internet about the cancellation of this series and many fans were upset because of it. There were several tweets going around twitter and we’ll attach some of them here.

During the quarantine I have watched the Krypton series and was seriously impressed by the story idea. DC universe is always my favorite and their every movie is great so is Krypton. The backstory of Superman is great however later I came to know that it’s third part is cancelled. I hope there will be a third part. Hope there will be Season 3”

Review of Krypton

HOPE KRYPTON SEASON 3 is renewed, I’m really looking forward to it”

Krypton Season 3 is going to come?

So the syfy have already cancelled the season 3 but there are rumors going around that HBO might take over the show. There is nothing Officially announced yet but there are several tweets going around.

Despite of all this, we can’t comment anything regarding the Krypton Season 3. So, let’s wait a little bit to know whether this rumors is true or not.

Netflix Krypton Season 3

Also, there are suspection going around that that our beloved NETFLIX may take over the series. Fan’s are jokingly texting to NETFLIX for taking over the show.

What are Krypton Season 3 ratings?

As the show is cancelled but what are the ratings of this show? The show have 80% of the rotten tomatoes which is a good score for a series. But the IMDb rating of this show is 6.9/10 which is a low rating for a show. The IMDb rating of this show is enough to tell that why this series was cut off in season 2.

Furthermore, the TV.com rated this series 7.7/10 which is for me a Okay type. Tell me what do you think about the ratings?

Unpopular opinion

The low viewership led the cancellation of this series and that’s why let’s check at the opinion of the people and what they want to say about this series.

Not only this but the Audience rating summary of this show is 4.2 which is to be honest a good rating . The show have low viewership but people do like this series a lot.

James Jones

I excepted the timeline they were going for and that time traveler came to Krypton to save Superman Legacy. Truthfully speaking, I don’t like David S. Goyer writing about Superman and Batman, however I give him a chance since Hollywood feels he’s the closest thing to a comic book writer who knows how to write a script. I like the cast they just needed a better storyline to keep the series going. “

Matthew J. Barnette

“I wasn’t too excited for this series when it premiered and it didn’t do too much to win me over. It felt like it was trying too hard to be Game of Thrones with all the profanities (human profanities on an alien world?) and everyone having a British accent. The acting didn’t help. That said, I did find that expanding story to be intriguing and the performances of Brainiac and General Zod were excellent. I enjoyed the lore it established with the different Houses and Guilds, even though it didn’t come into play too much except for the Black Zero conspiracy. “

Nexus Tri

Pardon my biased opinion but I would’ve preferred if they would also make a story about Kara Zor-el. Somehow the writers and fans forgot that she is a lot more better than Kal El in all aspects,well for me. Even though she doesn’t have much experience and control over her powers. Like fact that she is a genius even for the Krypton’s standards, her being the head of the house, Her being smart, tactical, careful when fighting enemies unlike SM that relies solely on his raw power, & etc. Other family member’s personality too. Like Alura and Astra. “

Conclusion –

The syfy have already cancelled the season 3 and fans aren’t happy with his. The last season was end in a not so good ending and viewer want to know more of a story. The Developers of this movie decided to take the Superman story’s backward story but they never really showed superman to us. Due to which the viewership of this show decreases, leading to the end of this story.

If you are also a fan of Krypton then Comment us down your thoughts about the cancellation. Also share this article with your friends so that they can also known about it.

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