Why Her Season 2 Release Date: You Need to Know Everything!


Recently, an extremely popular programme has been airing on SBS TV. Why Her is the name of the show. Many Why Her followers are frantic about the release date of the next season. If you are reading this article, I hope you are also curious about the release date of the upcoming season of Why Her.

South Koreans enjoy K-drama series for their strong and interesting plotlines. Nonetheless, many viewers disliked the clichéd depictions of women in these programmes. Season 1 of the Korean drama “Why Her” concluded on a cliffhanger that left many viewers wanting more. Kim Bok Joo is one of the most complicated and engaging characters in Korean television dramas, therefore her future will undoubtedly be thrilling.


Expected to Release Date Why Her Season 2

There is currently no information on when the second season of Why Her will premiere. It seems that an announcement will soon be made. Possibly, the second season of Why Her will be released in 2023.

What is the status of the Why Her Season 2?


SBS TV has yet to disclose the renewal status of Why Her's the second season. There are rumours, though, that the show may not be revived for a second season. Several circumstances, including deteriorating ratings, creative conflicts with producers and performers, and backlash from outraged fans, could lead to the discontinuation of the show.

What is the Plot of Why Her Season 2?

In this romantic drama, a self-righteous lawyer named Oh Soo-Jae falls in love. She is driven by her desire to win cases and has the potential to become the firm's youngest member. However, after an unexpected case, she is demoted to a law school lecturer and is no longer a lawyer. She meets Gong Chan, a young man with a hard past but a decent heart, at the university.

Why Her Season 2 Release Date: You Need to Know Everything!

Despite the fact that the second season of Why Her has not been formally announced, speculation has already begun. Consequently, it is no longer required to assume the spoiler at this moment. Please remain in touch with us, as we will post any fresh information on this topic as soon as we receive it.

Why Her Season 2 Cast And Crew

The cast includes a number of well-known and outstanding actors.

  • Seo Hyun-jin as Soo-jae
  • Gong Chan as Hwang In-youp
  • Choi Yoon-sang as Bae In-hyuk
  • Ha Il-goo as Jeon Jin-ki
  • Min Young-bae in the role of Kim Seon-hyuk
  • Song Mi-rim portraying Lee Joo-woo
  • Choi Joo-wan as Ji Seung-hyun
  • Choi Tae-kook as Huh Joon-ho

Why Her Season 2 Release Date: You Need to Know Everything!

What We Expect From Why Her Season 2

The new season of Why Her is receiving a great deal of attention, and people are enjoying it. Up until now, every episode of Why Her has been really entertaining, which has raised fan anticipation for season 2.

In addition, after viewing the episode's preview, viewers are extremely eager to learn what will occur in the following season. We can anticipate that the second season will be quite intriguing and filled with thrilling story twists.

IMDb Rating

Everyone evaluates a show based on its rating. Typically, the ratings are the best indicator of a show's prospects of remaining on the air. The higher the scores, the greater the likelihood of survival. On IMDb, the programme has an excellent rating of 8.5/10, while the average audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 75%.



Why Her is a popular reality show with a large following base. Why Her's previous seasons have been successful, and viewers are constantly eager to learn when the next season will premiere.