Why Harry Styles Drinks Out of Shoe at Perth Concert?

Who would have thought that the man who won 4 Brit Awards and 3 Grammys in 2023 alone would be drinking water out of his shoe? But here we are, watching Harry Styles do the famous Australian drinking tradition on stage at his Perth concert.

If you get sick easily, this might be something you want to skip. The Shoey is a drinking tradition where someone pours a drink, usually beer, into their or someone else’s shoey and drinks straight from it. The member of One Direction took his shoe off on stage in Perth, but instead of drinking beer, he used water.

After taking everything out of his shoes, Harry Styles said, “This is one of the dirtiest traditions I’ve ever seen.” But when the As It Was singer wore his shoe, the crowd cheered loudly.

But, you ask, how did this famous moment start? Well, LADbible says that you can thank someone who went to a concert for it. The singer called attention to a man in the crowd named Scott who said that his wife “dragged” him to the event. He then asked Harry whether he had ever tried a “Shoey.”

I’ve always wanted to do it,” the 29-year-old said. He was shown how to do it, and he did it. After the famous event, Harry talked about how he felt when he tried the drinking tradition for the first time. “I feel like a different person. I’m embarrassed by myself. It seems so close. So many people were there for such a personal moment,” he said. “My therapist and I will talk about this for a long time.”

The fans didn’t know how they felt about what had happened. Many people were uneasy about this, but others said that Harry Styles seemed to have thought about doing the Shoey tradition himself. Others gave what seemed to be their own ideas about what was going on. Someone on Twitter said, “The worst thing about this Shoey thing is that you have to walk around in wet shoes after.”

What Exactly the Shoey Is?

The Conversation says that Shoey is an Australian slang word for the custom of drinking a celebratory drink out of one’s shoe. Most of the drinks are alcoholic, and most people drink them before going on a quest to win. Now, tradition is a big part of both sports and music festivals. Daniel Ricciardo, a Formula 1 race car driver, made Shoey popular. Harry Styles is a fan of Ricciardo.

This practice has a cultural side to it as well. It means the feeling of victory that comes from getting through hard times. The modern meaning of this practice is one of defiance, that is, beating the odds that are against you and winning anyway.