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Why Did Paper Girls Season 2 Cancelled? Renewal Status and More Updates

The potential there for Paper Girls to become for Prime Video what Stranger Things is for Netflix. It included a gritty coming-of-age story, a love story for LGBTQ+ individuals that people could support, and a tonne of wild plot twists as our group of adolescents from the 1980s unexpectedly found themselves in the far-off world of pre-pandemic 2019.

A dark sci-fi drama with a youthful focus that has a built-in popularity because of the original graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough, and in September 2022, it was announced that the show was being cancelled before season two began filming, despite the streaming platform’s promise of something new and interesting.

However, there is still some optimism because the series might not be completely dead. Here are the reasons it was cancelled and how it might be brought back for a second instalment.

Why Did Amazon Cancel Paper Girls?

What caused the cancellation, and why? It appears that audience size is everything. Not enough people viewed it right away after it was released. This might have been a result of some unfortunate timing. At the start of the month when Paper Girls was released, Stranger Things Season 4, Part 2 had just been released.

Why Did Paper Girls Season 2 Canceled?

It might also have been connected to the dearth of promotion. Amazon is now having a lot of trouble with this. Between seasons and before episodes, there is a lot of promotion for The Lord of the Rings and The Boys. Other shows, however, do not receive the same attention. Many people would have missed out on Paper Girls since they were unaware that it was on the streamer.

If Picked Up by Another Platform, Will Paper Girls Be Successful?

Amazon terminated Paper Girls after one season, but it might find a home on another streaming service. Even though the show has been cancelled, one of Paper Girls‘ producing firms, Legendary Television, will continue to look for a new home for the series.

Due in large part to the focus on strong, three-dimensional female characters, Legendary Television is still optimistic that the programme will be a hit. Paper Girls had all the ingredients to make a truly excellent television programme, but it’s possible that its demise was just a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Legendary Television may commit the time and marketing if it successfully switches the show to a different streaming service. The only two things the series might have been lacking and that are necessary for it to succeed are those.

Why Did Paper Girls Season 2 Canceled?

A streaming service like Netflix might be able to market the show more effectively than Amazon, where we saw bigger shows surpass Paper Girls. Not just because Netflix is a platform that specializes in streaming content, but also because of its effective marketing algorithm, which could show the show to the right viewers.

Netflix more specifically targets viewers who are more likely to watch the show, as opposed to Amazon, which may cover its whole website in Rings of Power advertisements. Instead of giving another show 100% of the company’s ad space, it would allow the series more room to be noticed.

The streamer might more effectively target audiences who are more likely to watch Paper Girls than those who are less likely to watch the site’s flagship show.

In addition, it would give Paper Girls the ability to stand on the merits of its own genre and style, which would increase the likelihood that people will watch it. But it won’t be for a while if Paper Girls gets a second season.