Why Did Maria Not Vote For Charlie? Here’s Why This Happened!

In the intense environment of the show “Survivor,” where every choice can determine whether a player remains in the game or is eliminated, Maria made a surprising decision. This season, one of the most discussed events was when Maria chose not to vote for Charlie. This unexpected move caught the attention of both fans and fellow contestants. Let’s explore the possible reasons behind Maria’s strategic choice.

Why Did Maria Not Vote For Charlie?

As the season drew to a close, both Charlie and Maria began to understand that they had to focus on each other to strengthen their résumés. When there were only six contestants left, Maria won immunity. This led Charlie to join forces with the other players to eliminate one of Maria’s allies, Quintavius “Q” Burdette. Also read Wilmer Valderrama Confirms Whether Nick Torres Is Leaving The Show? Revenge of Others Season 2 Release Date, and Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Shocked Everyone With the News.

As per many speculations, In “Survivor,” strategy is as important as physical strength. Maria might have thought Charlie was less of a threat than others. By not voting for him, she could be aiming to eliminate stronger players first. This way, she could improve her own chances in the game. Also, keeping Charlie around might give her an ally to help take down bigger threats later.

Maria might have been thinking about the endgame and jury votes. If she believed Charlie would support her if he joined the jury, not voting for him now could help her later. Building good relationships with potential jury members is important for winning the final vote.

“Survivor” features hidden immunity idols and advantages that can change the game quickly. Maria might have suspected that Charlie had an idol or advantage, making it risky to vote against him. If he played an idol, those who voted for him would be exposed. By not voting for Charlie, Maria could be avoiding unnecessary risk.”

Maria might be bluffing to mislead others. By not voting for Charlie, she could be trying to make him think she’s on his side. This could be part of a larger plan to blindside him later when he’s not expecting it. Bluffing is a common tactic in “Survivor” to keep opponents guessing.

Tribal councils can be unpredictable with last-minute changes. Maria might have planned to vote for Charlie but changed her mind based on new information or gut feelings just before the vote. Such decisions are common in “Survivor.”

Why Did Maria Not Vote For Charlie?

How Did Charlie React to Maria Not Voted For Him?

Charlie acknowledged that it was a “surprise” to discover that Maria didn’t vote for him, especially considering that they had been working together since the very beginning of the game. Although, he doesn’t hold grudges. He explained that one of their final conversations included Maria telling him explicitly, “You better get to the end. My jury vote is going to you.” Also read Jeremy Renner on His Healing From a Life-threatening Accident! and Who Raised Our Favourite Superhero Ant-Man?

“That’s Survivor,” Charlie pointed out. “I’m a firm believer in this game and I want to say this right now. The jury picks the right winner. And Kenzie deserves this prize. The jury gave her the votes. You deserve this win. You played an incredible game. I’m incredibly proud of you and that’s how I feel in this moment. Of course, there’s going to be moments I play back, but I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. I came out here not knowing what was going to happen and just being grateful for every single moment.”

What Has Maria Said About Her Decission?

During the reunion show that took place after the tribal council, Maria took the opportunity to explain her decision in detail. She addressed the audience and her fellow contestants, providing a thorough explanation of her thought process and the reasons behind her actions during the game.

This included her strategy, the factors that influenced her choices, and her reflections on the game’s events. Maria’s explanation aimed to offer clarity and insight into her decision-making process, allowing everyone to understand the reasoning behind her actions more fully.

Said, “I think I’ve said this before, I’m a competitor,” Maria explained. “The fire in this woman’s eyes when she made fire last night, that, to me, clinched it for me. She owned her game and her story just really moved me. This woman deserves to have this money for her to start her life to start her family”.

Why Did Maria Not Vote For Charlie?

What Happened in Survivor?

Maria concluded the season in 5th place after all four remaining players decided to vote her out, seeing her as the most significant threat left in the game. After Maria’s departure, Ben Katzman emerged victorious in the final four immunity challenge. He then chose to bring Charlie to the final stage of the competition with him.

Consequently, Kenzie and Liz Wilcox were left to face each other in a fire-making challenge to secure the last spot in the finals. Kenzie emerged victorious in this challenge, which played a role in influencing Maria’s decision when it came time to cast her final vote.


Maria had a few reasons for her choice, like wanting to play strategically, thinking about the final game and jury votes, being cautious of hidden advantages, and possibly trying to trick others. Charlie, even though surprised, showed sportsmanship and respected the game’s rules. He accepted the jury’s decision gracefully, which is an important part of “Survivor.”

Maria explained her decision on the reunion show, giving a glimpse into her thinking and feelings during the game. She praised Kenzie’s determination, showing the respect and admiration that players often have for each other. Maria’s journey on “Survivor” highlighted the game’s challenges, both strategic and personal, leading to a memorable ending for the season.

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