Why Did Malcolm X Change His Name? This Famous Revolutionary May Be Unfamiliar to You

Malcolm X was a popular figure in the 1960s, and many of today’s revolutionaries still admire him for what he did and what he accomplished during an era when racial injustice was widespread.

But there are still concerns about Malcolm’s background, like why he changed his name. Was he ever incarcerated? However, the most crucial question is how he died. This post will provide exhaustive information on certain unanswered questions that everyone wishes to know.

Who is Malcolm X?

Malcolm X, whose birth name was Malcolm Little, was an American clergyman, human rights activist, and champion of black nationalism in America. In the United States, he advocated for racial equality and black rights. He is best known for his lectures, publications, writings, and activism.

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Malcolm is one of the great figures who worked tirelessly to eradicate the seed of black racism and discrimination in the United States; initially facing himself from the very beginning made Malcolm realize the situations that other black populations living in the United States had to endure, making him the most powerful of the black groups who came forward to preach to the world that racial discrimination must be ended.

Why Did Malcolm X Change His Name? This Famous Revolutionary May Be Unfamiliar to You

Why Did Malcolm Rename Himself?

Malcolm’s initial name was Malcolm Little, but he later changed it to Malcolm X; however, it is unclear why he made the change.

Malcolm went to jail in 1946, where he had a great deal of free time to spend on anything, which led him to read a great deal. He read a great deal of Islam books that preached about Islamic philosophy, which ultimately led him to join the Nation of Islam, a group of Black Muslims in prison who supported Black nationalism.

In this process of supporting and respecting Islamic traditions, ideas, and philosophies while learning a great deal about them, Malcolm changed his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm because ‘Little’ corresponded with the notions of slavery, and ‘X’ represented the unknown name of his true African ancestors.

Thus, when he changed his name, he also changed his religion to Islam, and he became the head of the Nation of Islam. The message of Black empowerment and self-reliance that he witnessed in Islam and the Nation of Islam led him to accept Islam as his religion.

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How Did Malcolm Die?

Malcolm was murdered in 1965 while delivering a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City; he was shot by three Muslims while delivering his address. His killing was one of the most iconic crimes ever committed, as it sparked countless riots and acts of violence from his followers across the United States.

Malcolm, however, is still regarded as one of the world’s greatest campaigners because he fought against black discrimination and for racial equality in the country; he is still recognized and revered.

Why Did Malcolm X Change His Name? This Famous Revolutionary May Be Unfamiliar to You

Was Malcolm Ever Imprisoned?

Malcolm had been jailed numerous times; in 1946, he was caught for larceny and breaking and entering, which landed him in prison. However, he was able to realize his goal by studying and attaining the philosophy of Islam during his time in prison.

Even after that, he was jailed numerous times for the provocative public statements he gave and the type of activism he engaged in, which sparked riots and harmed the country’s tranquility.

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Clearly, the purpose of these many arrests was to quiet him or prevent him from spreading his message of black nationalism and racial equality.