Why Did Kyrie Leave The Celtics? Fans Gave Mixed Reaction!

In 2019, Kyrie Irving left the Boston Celtics, which led to much speculation among fans and analysts about why he made this choice. Many factors influenced his decision to join the Brooklyn Nets, and these reasons included both his career ambitions and personal circumstances.

Fans and experts tried to understand the various elements that contributed to his departure from the Celtics, as it was a significant change for both Irving and the teams involved. The move was seen as a result of complex motivations that encompassed both his professional goals and personal life.

Why Did Kyrie Leave The Celtics?

Kyrie Irving’s departure from the Celtics was primarily due to the team’s lack of chemistry. Despite having talented players, the Celtics struggled to work well together, leading to locker room tensions and disagreements during the 2018-2019 season. As a team leader, Irving was often at the center of these issues, and the inability to create a cohesive team environment likely influenced his decision to leave.

Irving also faced significant pressure to lead the team to success, especially after veteran leaders like Al Horford left. His leadership style and approach were frequently criticized, with some feeling he couldn’t balance his individual performance with guiding the team. This pressure may have contributed to his desire to find a team with a different dynamic.

After two seasons with the Celtics, Irving felt the need for a change. He mentioned wanting to be in an environment where he felt happy and supported. Playing alongside his close friend Kevin Durant in Brooklyn was a major draw, offering a fresh start in a familiar location (Irving is from New Jersey) and the chance to form a new powerhouse team.

Injuries also plagued Irving’s time with the Celtics, affecting his performance and the team’s success. A knee injury during the 2018 playoffs left the Celtics without their star player. These injuries added to his frustrations, and a change of teams offered a chance to reset and manage his health better.

The 2019 free agency market presented significant opportunities for Irving. With several teams interested and the potential to form a superteam with Durant in Brooklyn, the timing was ideal for a move. The Nets’ commitment to building a championship team made the decision appealing for Irving. Also read Why Did Susie Leave Rizzoli and Isles? Why Did Hailey Leave Chicago PD? and Why Did The Good Doctor End? 

Why Did Kyrie Leave The Celtics?

When Did Kyrie Leave the Celtics?

Kyrie Irving left the Boston Celtics in 2019. His tenure with the team lasted from 2017 to 2019. Unfortunately, his departure was marked by some negative experiences and interactions, including an incident where he made an obscene gesture known as giving the “double bird” to Celtics fans. This gesture involved raising both middle fingers, which is widely considered an offensive action. These events highlighted the bad terms on which he left the team.

Why Did Kyrie Leave The Celtics?

What Was Fans Reaction?

When Kyrie Irving decided to leave the Boston Celtics, the reactions from fans were varied, but a significant number were deeply disappointed and frustrated. Irving had joined the Celtics with great expectations due to his remarkable talent and the leadership role he was expected to fill. However, during his tenure, the team struggled with internal chemistry, and there were numerous reports of tensions within the locker room. These issues contributed to a growing sense of dissatisfaction among the fans.

For many fans, Irving’s departure felt like a betrayal. They had placed high hopes on him to lead the Celtics to new heights of success, and his exit dashed those dreams. His departure was further marred by negative incidents, most notably the “double bird” gesture he directed at fans. This act of apparent disrespect only heightened the bitterness surrounding his exit from the team.

Despite the predominant feelings of disappointment, some fans were more understanding of Irving’s decision to leave. They acknowledged the significant challenges he faced, including persistent injuries and the immense pressure of being a team leader. These fans believed that a fresh start with a new team could be beneficial for both Irving and the Celtics.

In summary, while there were supporters who wished Irving well in his future endeavors, the overall reaction from the Boston Celtics’ fan base was one of disappointment and frustration. This was largely due to the unfulfilled potential and the circumstances that surrounded his departure from the team. Also read Decision to Leave, and Tony Dow Net Worth.


Kyrie Irving’s departure from the Boston Celtics in 2019 was a significant event that sparked much speculation among fans and analysts. His decision to join the Brooklyn Nets was influenced by a combination of professional ambitions and personal circumstances. The primary reasons for his departure included the lack of team chemistry and locker room tensions that plagued the Celtics during the 2018-2019 season. Irving faced immense pressure as a team leader, especially after the departure of veteran players, and his leadership style was frequently criticized.

Additionally, recurring injuries and the desire for a supportive environment played a crucial role in his decision to seek a fresh start. The opportunity to play alongside his close friend Kevin Durant in Brooklyn and the chance to form a new powerhouse team were major factors in his move. The 2019 free agency market also presented an ideal moment for this transition.

While some fans understood his reasons and wished him well, the predominant reaction was one of disappointment and frustration. Many felt betrayed by his departure, especially given the high hopes placed on him. Negative incidents, such as the “double bird” gesture towards fans, further soured their perception of him. Overall, Irving’s departure was marked by a mix of complex motivations and reactions, reflecting both his professional goals and personal struggles.

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