Why Did Jessica Leave Suits? Is She Coming Back?

Jessica Pearson, portrayed by Gina Torres, played a pivotal role in the popular legal drama “Suits” since it first aired. When her character left the show at the conclusion of Season 6, it sparked curiosity among viewers about why such an important character was written out. This departure was influenced by a combination of the storyline’s needs and the personal choices made by Gina Torres.

Why Did Jessica Leave Suits?

In the complex and multifaceted world of television production, the departure of Gina Torres from the popular series “Suits” was influenced by a variety of personal and professional factors. Torres, who is a highly esteemed actress with a diverse and expansive career in the entertainment industry, decided it was time to seek new horizons and embark on different ventures that would challenge her skills and creativity in fresh ways.

A significant aspect that contributed to her decision was the demanding nature of the show’s filming schedule, which took place in Toronto, Canada. This location posed a considerable challenge for Torres, who resides in Los Angeles. The frequent and extended travel required for the role meant that she spent substantial periods away from her home and family, which proved to be a taxing and difficult aspect of her professional life.

In various interviews, Torres has spoken candidly about her time on “Suits.” She expressed deep appreciation for the character of Jessica Pearson and valued the experiences and opportunities that the show provided. However, she also conveyed a strong desire to explore different projects and roles, which would offer her new experiences and opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.

This sentiment is not uncommon among actors who dedicate several years to a single television series, as they often seek to diversify their careers and tackle new challenges after such extended commitments. Also read Why Did Kyrie Leave The Celtics?Why Did Susie Leave Rizzoli and Isles?, and Why Did Hailey Leave Chicago PD?

Why Did Jessica Leave Suits?

What Happened to Jessica in the Show?

In the storyline of “Suits,” Jessica Pearson, a powerful and commanding lawyer, decides to leave the law firm Pearson Specter Litt, which she helped build. This decision is driven by both personal and professional reasons. Over the course of the series, Jessica makes many difficult decisions to protect the firm and its members. However, the constant stress and ethical compromises required to manage high-profile clients take a toll on her.

A pivotal moment occurs when Jessica takes the fall for Mike Ross, a brilliant lawyer with a fraudulent past, to protect him and the firm. This leads to her disbarment, meaning she can no longer practice law in New York. Disillusioned by the legal battles and moral ambiguity of her role, Jessica decides it’s time for a change.

Her personal life also influences her decision. She chooses to move back to the Midwest, where she is originally from, to start a new chapter in Chicago. Jessica wants to focus on her relationship with Jeff Malone, a former colleague and love interest, hoping to balance her professional ambitions with personal happiness. Also read The Shocking Net Worth of Tristan Thompson Will Leave You Speechless and Did Scott Leave FBI International? 

When Did Jessica Pearson Leave Suits?

At the conclusion of Season 6 of “Suits,” Jessica Pearson left Pearson Hardman, thereby exiting the primary cast of the show. This decision parallels the real-life motivations of the actress, Gina Torres, who portrays her.

In the storyline, Jessica reveals that she is feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the numerous challenges and stresses involved in handling the firm’s high-profile clients. She expresses a desire to escape these pressures and return to the Midwest, her place of origin, to embark on a new legal career in Chicago.

Additionally, Jessica aims to focus on her personal life, particularly her relationship with Jeff Malone, played by D.B. Woodside, as they both relocate to the Windy City to make their relationship work.

Why Did Jessica Leave Suits?

Has Her Character Given a New Life?

Jessica Pearson’s story did not conclude with her exit from the show “Suits.” Instead, her character found a new beginning in a spin-off series named “Pearson,” which made its debut in July 2019. In this new series, Jessica embarks on a different path in her career by moving to Chicago and accepting a position working for the city’s mayor. This job immerses her in the complex and often corrupt world of Chicago politics, where she applies her legal skills in a new setting.

“Pearson” explores Jessica’s character, showcasing her strength and dedication to justice, even outside the confines of a courtroom. Despite the spin-off running for only one season before it was canceled, it offered fans a fulfilling continuation of Jessica’s narrative from the original series.

Will Jessica Come Back?

In Season 7 of “Suits,” Jessica Pearson makes several appearances. These episodes serve to conclude her storyline on “Suits” and to introduce the plot of her spin-off series, “Pearson.” Much of Jessica’s storyline in Season 7 centers on the consequences of her disbarment. She lost her license to practice law in New York after taking the blame for Mike’s actions in Season 6. As she moves to Chicago, Jessica faces new challenges, including powerful enemies who attempt to have her disbarred in Illinois as well.

Despite these obstacles, Jessica remains determined. Even if she cannot practice law in Illinois, she is committed to serving the people of Chicago. She secures a position with the mayor, who is somewhat corrupt—a nod to the notorious political environment of Chicago. Jessica’s entry into the political sphere sets the stage for “Pearson.”

“Pearson” premiered on the USA Network in July 2019. Unfortunately, the show ran for only one season before being canceled. However, fans of Jessica Pearson can still enjoy her character in the seven seasons of “Suits” and the full season of her spin-off series.


Jessica Pearson’s departure from “Suits” was an important moment in the show, influenced by both the storyline and Gina Torres’s personal choices. Fans were sad to see her go but excited to follow her character’s new adventures in “Pearson.” Jessica leaving marked the end of a chapter for “Suits,” but it also created new storytelling opportunities and let Torres explore her career further.

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