Why Did Hailey Leave Chicago PD? Here’s the Overall Journey!

In the TV show “Chicago P.D.,” Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, exited the series in Season 9, Episode 7, titled “Trust Me.” Her departure was emotional and came as a surprise to fans, sparking speculation about why she chose to leave the Intelligence Unit. There are several reasons behind Hailey leave the show, including her desire to explore new opportunities and challenges outside of the unit, personal growth and development, and possibly to pursue other interests or career paths.

Additionally, the character’s departure could have been driven by creative decisions made by the show’s producers and writers to keep the storyline fresh and dynamic. Ultimately, Hailey’s exit marks the end of an era for the show and leaves fans curious about what the future holds for the Intelligence Unit without her.

Why Did Hailey Leave Chicago PD?

Why Did Hailey Leave Chicago PD?

Tracy Spiridakos is the first actor to leave the show since Jesse Lee Soffer’s exit in Season 10, Episode 3’s “A Good Man.” Soffer played Det. Jay Halstead since Season 1 and often appeared on screen with Spiridakos, who played Upton, his on-screen wife.

Tracy Spiridakos hinted in an interview with NBC Insider after her departure from “Chicago P.D.” that she decided to leave the show to explore new opportunities. This suggests that she wanted to try different roles or projects outside of the show. “It was a really hard decision, and I don’t know that there’s ever a right time,” she said.

Throughout her time on “Chicago P.D.,” Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, was known for her strong sense of justice and her desire to make a difference. Fans think she might have wanted new challenges or chances to grow, which could explain why she left the Intelligence Unit.

Hailey has faced many personal challenges, like losing her partner and dealing with her past. Maybe she left to focus on her personal life, whether to heal from past hurts or to pursue relationships.

Decisions by the show’s creators could also have influenced Hailey’s departure. Writers often write characters out to try new stories or change the group dynamic.

Tracy Spiridakos might have left the show for personal reasons, like wanting to try different acting roles or take a break.

Hailey leaving could be part of a bigger story that will unfold in future episodes. This could lead to new problems and changes in the Intelligence Unit, giving other characters a chance to grow.

Regardless of why, Hailey Upton leaving has really affected “Chicago P.D.” fans. Her character was important and had a big impact on the show. Also read Did Scott Leave FBI International?  Top 10 TV Shows Like Outer Banks, and Did the Show Black Bird Will Renew for Season 2? 

Why Did Hailey Leave Chicago PD?

How Was the Journey of Hailey in Chicago PD?

Tracy Spiridakos, a Canadian actress, joined the One Chicago series in the fourth season finale of Chicago P.D. In the episode titled “Fagin,” she debuted as Det. Hailey Upton, a member of the Robbery-Homicide unit. After impressing Hank Voight with her work on a case they solved together, he offers her a job in Intelligence, which she accepts in the following episode.

During her time on the team, Upton faces various challenges, including being quarantined, kidnapped, and nearly losing her life multiple times.

The character was being raised in an abusive home. She became a cop to help other victims of violence. She grew up in Chicago, where her parents owned a diner that was robbed when she was a child. This robbery was investigated by Sergeant Trudy Platt.

Upton is depicted as an empathetic person who struggles with panic attacks and insomnia due to traumatic events in her life.

In the fifth season premiere, Upton is partnered with Jay Halstead. Although they quickly become close, they maintain a professional relationship for years. They share their first kiss at the beginning of Season 8 and keep their romance a secret from the rest of the Intelligence unit until they become engaged and live together in Season 9. They eventually marry in a courthouse wedding. Also read Inside the Luxurious Lifestyle of Lele Pons, and Why Bloodline Season 4 Was Canceled.

How Did Viewers React to Hailey Leave Chicago PD?

Some people had different feelings about Hailey Upton leaving “Chicago P.D.” Some fans were sad to see her go because they liked her character and how she interacted with the rest of the team. They thought Tracy Spiridakos did a great job playing Hailey and made the show more interesting.

However, some viewers didn’t like how Hailey left the show. They thought the storyline leading to her departure was rushed and didn’t have enough emotional impact. They also worried about how the show would go on without her, as she was an important part of many storylines.

In the end, while some fans were unhappy about Hailey leaving, others understood the decision and were curious to see how the show would change without her.


Hailey Upton’s departure from “Chicago P.D.” was emotional and unexpected, leaving fans with several theories about why she chose to leave the Intelligence Unit. Tracy Spiridakos’ decision to leave the show seems to have stemmed from a desire to explore new opportunities and challenges outside of her role on the show. Additionally, creative decisions by the show’s producers and writers could have influenced Hailey’s exit, as they often look to keep the storyline fresh and dynamic.

Throughout her time on the show, Hailey Upton’s character underwent significant personal growth and faced numerous challenges, which may have contributed to her decision to leave. Tracy Spiridakos’ departure has left fans curious about the future of the Intelligence Unit without her and how her absence will impact the show’s dynamics.

The journey of Hailey Upton on “Chicago P.D.” was marked by various challenges and personal growth. From her debut in the fourth season to her eventual departure in Season 9, Hailey faced many obstacles, including being raised in an abusive home and dealing with traumatic events in her life. Her relationship with Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, also evolved over time, adding depth to her character.

Viewer reactions to Hailey Upton’s departure were mixed. While some fans were sad to see her go, others felt that the storyline leading to her exit was rushed and lacked emotional impact. Nevertheless, many viewers were curious to see how the show would continue without her and what new challenges the remaining characters would face.

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