Why Did Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone Into the Crowd During His Live Concert?

Chris Brown is now in the middle of yet another scandal. The rapper recently made headlines on the internet when he threw a concertgoer’s phone into the crowd while he was performing.

Brown is currently on a tour of Europe, where he is playing shows in Berlin, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, and other cities. Page Six says that the shocking thing happened when he invited a fan on stage during a show in Berlin.

The video, which has been shared a lot on social media, shows Rock singing his song “Take You Down” and inviting a lucky female fan to join him on stage while he’s doing it.

So, instead of enjoying the moment or paying attention to Brown, the woman quickly pulled out her phone and started filming the whole thing. At first, Brown is seen taking the phone out of her hand and putting it somewhere else. Chris was more annoyed, though, when she took the phone again and started filming while he was dancing around her.

Chris didn’t wait to grab the phone and throw it away after being ignored.

People quickly talked about the strange situation on social media, with some defending Brown and others criticising the controversial singer.

One user wrote in response to the video, “Listen, I agree that sometimes we all need to be able to put down our phones and enjoy the moment… but Chris Brown or anyone else doesn’t get to decide that.”

Another user said that the singer can’t be defended because he keeps “doing stuff.”

But there were also people who agreed with the singer. One user said he could see why Chris threw the phone and went on to say that it is rude if someone is watching them perform and all they do is look at their selfie camera.

Chris Brown threw a girl’s phone into the crowd during “Take Me Down” because she wouldn’t put it away. At the end of the night, the girl got her phone back. We stan a happy ending.

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