Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife: Husband Stabs Wife Lilia Patranjel

Just learned of a shocking event in which a husband murdered his wife. In addition, this news has exploded across the Internet. Meanwhile, internet users are interested in reading about the man who murdered his wife. Who is Ianosi Alexandru? Numerous individuals are ready to read the response to this query.

In the interim, we have compiled this article to provide you with vital information on Alexandru Ianosi. How was Alexandru Ianosi’s wife murdered? In this post, every facet of this story will be explored. Therefore, adhere to this website and continue reading this post for additional information. You are advised to follow it till its conclusion and read each subsequent section to extract all of the story’s major ideas.

Who is Alexandru lanosi?

Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova, the confessed killer of his companion Lilia Patranjel in Spinea, struck the woman with a huge kitchen knife so many times that he nearly severed her arm. A terrifying act of homicidal rage, admitted by the perpetrator of the horrible act, that left no escape for the victim last Thursday evening. The 35-year-old stated, “I’ve hit it much too frequently.”

This was discovered by his attorneys, who were able to visit him in jail after his arrest. He told La nuova Venezia, “He had a blackout, he does not recollect those moments well, but he indicated that he struck her multiple times.”

According to the man’s defense, the crime scene, with all that blood, would have induced a shock in the same perpetrator, who would have collapsed before regaining consciousness and dialing 112; he would not have watched over the corpse, as had been postulated at first.

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife: Husband Stabs Wife Lilia Patranjel

Why did Alexandru Ianosi Kill his Wife?

Let’s begin by discussing Alexandru Ianosi’s spouse. Reports indicate that Alexandru Ianosi murdered his wife, Lilia Patenjel. His true name is actually Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova. The second question that arises is how Alexandru Ianosi murdered his wife, Lilia Patanjel. Reports indicate that Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova repeatedly attacked his wife with a sharp kitchen knife.

According to the information provided by the sources, the event occurred last Thursday evening in Spinea and the assault was so severe that Alexandru Ianosi severed his wife’s arm with a sharp kitchen knife. The unfortunate death of the dead, or Alexandru’s wife, was caused by severe stab wounds that were discovered on her body. After viciously stabbing Lilia Patanjel, the cliché is that Alexandru, or the murderer confessed to the police. Nonetheless, he added, “I hit it far too frequently.”

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife: Husband Stabs Wife Lilia Patranjel

As far as we are aware, the offender who murdered his wife is a 35-year-old guy. Following Alexandru’s confession, he was arrested. His attorneys reportedly visited him in prison. After the meeting, Alexandru’s counsel remarked, “He had a blackout, he doesn’t remember those moments, but he did admit to hitting her multiple times.”

Additionally, Alexandru’s attorney asserted that the event occurred during one of their several heated confrontations. However, the source of conflict remains uncertain. Stay tuned to this page for current information and other details.


Everyone knew that Alexandru Lanosi was a violent man, and they all knew it would end this way, according to a friend of Lili, whom everyone referred to as Lilia. In August of last year, the forty-year-old woman submitted a second complaint after yet another assault took her to the hospital.