Why Can’t Taken 4 Be Released?



After the huge success of Taken (An action-thriller film) especially Taken 3 and then turning into a TV series in 2017, everyone is wondering “Will Taken 4 ever happen or not?”

Here, in this article, I am going to tell you “Why can’t Taken 4 be released?” And what needs to happen if Taken 4 is going to be released?

Is Taken 4 Coming Out?

Absolutely not, there is no chance of Taken 4 happening.  Here is Liam Neeson’s statement given in the interviews on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Why Can’T Taken 4 Be Released?

It’s been more than 5 years since “Taken 3” was released. But if you see the storyline of taken, taken 2 and taken 3, all the movies are made on “Daughter got kidnapped” and initially, it was hard to create story around it and even in an interview, Liam Nesson joked that his character will ask to kidnappers ‘Please can you take my daughter?”

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Possible Reason of Not Releasing Taken 4:


Undoubtedly, Taken was a profitable brand ever since it’s launch and viewers were waiting for Taken 4 but here are the possible releason on “Why Taken 4 can’t be released?”.

  1. Not having storyline for taken 4
  2. Turning of taken movie into TV series (They might have rights on using this name) 
  3. Over a period of time, User’s rating was going down so it’s good for them not to release Taken 4.

Is There Any Trailer Available for the Taken 4:

As the film is not going to happen, there is no Taken 4 trailer released.With a very heavy heart,I have to say that there is no official trailer available for season 4 so don’t get involved into rumours. 

About Taken Film

The Taken is based on the Action-thriller film produced by Luc Besson and written by Robert Mark Kamen. And this film is based on English language. Till now three seasons have been released on Netflix.

The production companies are EuropaCorp M6 Films Grive Productions Canal+ TPS Star M6.

Do you know about Luc Besson? 

Luc Besson is a  french film director. He worked on many projects as a writer , producer and director also. Luc Besson created a french action film Taken in 2008.

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 Storyline of the Taken:



The first season of the Taken follows that Bryan Mills is an operator of the former government, and he was trying to save his daughter Kim who got kidnapped in a trip he has told a kidnapper of his daughter is not found he will kill everyone.

Taken 2

The second season follows when Cia retires, Bryan Mills invites his ex-wife and daughter Kim. His ex-wife is separated from her second husband, Now she spends some days with Bryan Mills in Istanbul where he is working.

Taken 3

The third season covers that Cia officer Bryan Mills meets his daughter Kim to give her a birthday present. And also invites his wife Lenore for a dinner but she declines and after that she is kidnapped when Lenore is coming for a meeting.

Imdb Ratings for Taken:

  • Taken has an imdb rating of 7.8 out of 10.
  • Taken 2 has an imdb rating of 6.3 out of 10.
  • Taken 3 has an imdb rating of 6.0 out of 10.

Taken 4 is not out yet, so there are no ratings for it from the users.


The Taken has already completed its 3 seasons which achieved great popularity among the fans.

As Taken 4 is not going to be released, keep watching the latest action thriller moviesARE WE GOING TO SEE SWARA BHASKAR TO PLAY ACTION HEROINE IN UPCOMING WEB SERIES?

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