Who Won Next in Fashion Season 2? Where is the Winner Now?

Next in Fashion is a reality fashion competition on Netflix. Fashion designer Tan France and supermodel Gigi Hadid host the show. Young fashion designers try to impress a panel of experts in order to win $200,000 and, more importantly, the chance to become the next big thing in fashion. In each episode, one contestant is kicked off, leaving just one person to win the big cash prize and the chance to show off their collection on RenttheRunway.com.

In Season 2 of “Next in Fashion,” the contestants face different challenges with themes like royalty, thrift, swimwear, and childhood. The first season of the show aired in 2020 and was a big hit. When it came back in 2021, supermodel Alexa Chung was replaced by Gigi Hadid as the host. Tan France, who is also an OG host, joins her.

Now that the second season is almost over, there is only one big question left. Who came out on top? This article will talk about just that.

Who Won Season 2 of Next in Fashion?

The Next in Fashion season two winner is the designer Nigel Xavier.

Xavier is a designer in Atlanta. He uses patchwork, denim, braids, and other creative methods to make his works of art. The judges were blown away by his use of patchwork and repurposed materials, and he won Next in Fashion Season 2.

Who Won Next in Fashion Season 2

He is very influenced by the late 1990s and early 2000s. He says that his pieces are mostly about “fabrics, materials, culture, and nostalgia.”

He won $200,000 from Rent the Runway, a service that lets people rent clothes by the month. The designer will also have the chance to show off their new line on RenttheRunway.com.

What Happened in the Last Episode of Season 2 of Next in Fashion?

Nigel’s last challenge was against Bao Tranchi and Deontre Hancock, two other contestants. They were told to make their own collection that would show everything about their brand. Then, the contestants had three days to get their pieces ready to show off on the runway.

Nigel got his idea for the last challenge from Woodstock. From August 15–18, 1969, people went to the music festival to escape reality through music. People went to the festival during the time of the civil rights movement to spread a message of peace and unity. Nigel said that he often got his fashion ideas from music and that he listened to Jimi Hendrix while he was in design school in Atlanta.

Where is Nigel Xavier Now?

Nigel is getting into a very competitive field, as the streetwear business is doing very well right now. But his designs stand out because of the patchwork details that have become his trademark.

Nigel, who is known as the “wizard of denim,” is still going strong in the fashion world. He has since made designs for big names in the music industry, such as Playboi Carti, 2 Chainz, and A$AP Rocky. Recently, his work has been featured in magazines like GQ and We The Culture.

Who Won Next in Fashion Season 2

He is hard to figure out. In 2010, he moved to Summerhill, a neighbourhood in Atlanta, Georgia. He still spends a lot of time there, but he also travels a lot now. Nigel’s job in fashion has taken him all over the world, but he spends most of his time in New York.

Nigel played football in high school before he became a designer, and he still makes time for his hobbies.

What Does Nigel Xavier Do for a Living?

In Georgia, Nigel Xavier works as a fashion designer. In an interview with Netflix, he said that “fabrics, materials, culture, and nostalgia” are what influence his work. His main focus is on denim clothes, which were very popular in the 1990s and 2000s.

He has worked with a lot of famous people, especially in the music business, like the rapper 2 Chainz.

Before Nigel Xavier started working in fashion, he played football in high school, but he changed his mind and is now a successful designer.

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