Who Won Dance 100 Season 1? Here Are Some Unknown Facts About the Winner!

The dance competition Dance 100 came out on Netflix on March 17, 2023. If you were one of the millions of people who found out about Peloton during the lockdown, you might be happy to hear that instructor Ally Love hosts the show.

The idea is that eight famous choreographers will compete for a big prize. The choreographers have to make a dance routine that gets harder and harder for many talented dancers to do.

Part of the show is that the dancers themselves are the real judges. It makes sense that the people who have to do the choreography should be the ones to give feedback on the routines, so I expect there will be some bruised egos along the way.

This article will have spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the show yet, you might want to stop reading now. This piece will tell you who won Dance 100 Season 1.

What Will the Winner Get?

The winner of the show got a cash prize of $100,000. But what was more important for the choreographers was that they got a chance to show off their amazing skills. In a contest like this, you could say that everyone was a winner because they got to show off their style, presentation, and choreography to a big crowd.

With material that is so subjective, it would be hard to say that one choreographer is better than another, but the show needs a structure to work. Still, I think that in the world of professional dance choreography, each contestant would be praised for their amazing work on the show.

Who won Season 1 of Dance 100?

Brandi Chun was the winner of the dance contest. Brandi was born on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu and turned 30 in September 2022. @brandichun is her Instagram handle. Keenan Cooks, who came in second, was born in Boston and now lives in New York City.

Who Is Brandi Chun?

Brandi Chun, who is on Dance 100, is from Hawaii. The show that is competing with Netflix is 30 years old and has lived in Los Angeles since it was a teenager.

Brandi is “almost 4 feet 11 inches tall,” and she said that “people underestimate her because of her size.” In the first episode of the new show, Brandi chose Tonight by Kesha as the song for her dance routine.

Who Won Dance 100 Season 1

She wanted to make a dance routine that was “complex, powerful, and fierce.”

Brandi started dancing when she was 3 years old and trained at the 24-7 Danceforce Studios until she graduated from high school. She moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles to become a dancer, and she has done choreography for many companies, including Rodan + Fields and We Work.

Chun has also been in a commercial for Bank of Hawaii, which was shown in Hawaii during the Super Bowl.

The Dance 100 Group Gave Brandi Chun High Marks for Her Final Show

At the end of the show, Brandi danced to the song “Keep Moving” by Jungle with 50 dancers from her team. Some dancers performed on top of the stairs while others did tricks. One dancer threw glitter at himself as he left, which added a lot of drama.

Brandi wanted the dance to feel like a dance routine at an award show. She compared it to the scene where people are “hanging out with their friends at a club.” Lily, another dancer, liked how Brandi incorporated each person’s unique style into the routine, but she wanted to see more silhouettes in the beginning. Cece said that both the performance and the song that was given to the choreographers were amazing. She also liked the way they left.


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The Dance 100 winner had to dance with all 100 dancers in the group for the final winning piece. The dancers were sure of Brandi’s choreography, even though she was nervous. Aleisha said that she loved how Brandi had a small notebook with her to write down important information while she was teaching the steps.

One of the dancers said that Chun looks at each performer’s Instagram account to see which steps they can do well. Brandi Chun’s last show was on the MOP show Ante Up. The song was done as a freestyle routine with breaks. The ending was a bit abrupt, but the steps and choreography were so good that everyone in the room was blown away.

A dancer named Shaquille said that Brandi always had something that everyone wanted to see. Robbie said that the winner’s routine was hard to figure out because the choreography was so complicated.

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