Who Was Eliminated in Episode 1 of The Challenge: Ride or Die?

It's been a long time coming, but a new season of “The Challenge” is finally here. In Season 38 of the popular reality competition series, the contestants will compete in pairs until they reach the final or are eliminated. The inability of contestants on “The Challenge: Ride or Die” to transfer partners should produce weekly tension in the home.

Who is Eliminated first in the First Episode of the Series?

Besides the early disqualifications, who is the first player removed from the game? According to Reddit spoilers for The Challenge Season 38, veteran Kailah Casillas and her husband Sam Bird are eliminated before Tori Deal and Devin Walker.

Who Was Eliminated in Episode 1 of The Challenge: Ride or Die?

Kailah participated in Invasion of the Champions, Dirty 30, Champs vs. Stars 2, Final Reckoning, and Total Madness, reaching the finals of Vendettas and All Stars 3. Fans may recall her previous relationship problems with Stephen Bear. But it appears that all of that drama is behind her, as she and her husband are competing as teams in Ride or Dies.

According to spoilers shared by PinkRose on Vevmo, the opening format contains some randomness. “The victorious team sends a contestant to the elimination round and then nominates three contestants to fight them,” they explained. “These three teams then draw “daggers” to select the other team in the elimination round. The team that draws the dagger then decides one of the remaining two teams to save.”

With this in mind, another Reddit user shared more info concerning the initial elimination. Devin and Tori, Laurel and Jakk, and Colleen and Kim were the teams for the initial dagger draw. I believe Laurel's group opted to rescue Colleen's group. Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn immediately dispatched Kailah and Sam in.”

The Showrunner hinted at the Forthcoming “Twists” in the Season.

Emer Harkin, the showrunner for The Challenge: Ride or Dies, told Entertainment Weekly that viewers should expect the unexpected despite the format's seeming simplicity.

Who Was Eliminated in Episode 1 of The Challenge: Ride or Die?

“There are a few twists throughout the season,” Harkin said. “There are times when you won't know if your ride or die still has your back or is actually working against you.” “They might divide and then reunite. We do a number of things that have never been done on The Challenge.”

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