Who Plays Tommy Miller In The Last Of Us Show?

In “The Last of Us,” the episode “Kin” brings the Miller brothers back together as a family. Joel and Tommy, played by Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna, get back in touch, for better or for worse. Joel gives Ellie to Tommy because his mind is getting worse. “Kin” is about brothers getting back together and remembering the ones who were left behind.

Joel has realised that when it comes to him, his family is always left behind. He finally let himself love Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as much as he loved his daughter Sarah, which made it harder for him to decide to leave her. Read on to find out what happened in the episode and how Tommy is different from how he is in the video game.

Who is Tommy Miller On the show The Last of Us?

Gabriel Luna, who plays the role of Tommy Miller, has been working as an actor for more than ten years. He started acting in 2005, and in 2008, he got his first TV part in an episode of Prison Break. Luna has been in movies like Bernie, Transpecos, Balls Out, Freeheld, and Gravy.

Who Plays Tommy Miller In The Last Of Us

But he is best known for playing the bad cyborg Rev-9 in Terminator: Dark Fate, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton were the heroes. Luna has been on TV shows like Matador and Wicked City.

He is best known for playing Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider in ten episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. He was almost going to play the same character in a spinoff, but the project never happened. Luna will soon be in FUBAR, the new Netflix show from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How Character Arcs in “The Last of Us” Different From Those in Video Games?

Joel Miller‘s younger brother is Tommy Miller, who is played by Gabriel Luna. He is another character from the video games who are in the HBO show. In the pilot episode, where we first hear about him, he was last seen with Fireflies. But now that he has left the Fireflies, he lives in Wyoming with a secret society. Tommy is now married to Maria, and they are going to have a baby together.


In the video games, Joel and Ellie find Tommy at a hydroelectric plant that his group uses to power their settlement. Gunfire from the enemy interrupts the reunion. Ellie knows that Joel is going to give her to Tommy.

She takes a horse and runs away. Joel and Tommy chase after her, and they catch up with her in an empty house. This is where they have a hard talk about how much loss and pain they have been through.

Who Plays Tommy Miller In The Last Of Us

In the HBO version, Meeting Tommy goes in a different direction. A group of men take Joel and Ellie to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Joel can tell his brother, who has a family now, from far away.

Joel tells Ellie’s mother, Tommy, that she is immune and asks her to take her away. This time, there are no empty warehouses. Joel goes into Ellie’s room to tell her the bad news. Their conversation is as heartbreaking as those in video games.

Joel takes Ellie with him when he realises he needs to see this through. They go straight to the Fireflies’ base at the University of Colorado, which is the way Tommy told them to go. Soon, a raider will hit Joel. Ellie and Joel get away, but Joel passes out. Ellie must now save them both.

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