Who Killed Suhani? Netflix Series Class Ending Explained!

Class is a Hindi remake of Netflix’s popular teen drama Elite, and follows a similar plot. When their old school, Nurpur Khatola Government School, is “accidentally” destroyed, three students – Dheeraj, Saba, and Balram, also known as Balli – get a scholarship to Hampton International, a prominent Delhi academy.

It’s fantastic public relations for Hampton, but the three transfers and the vast majority of the other students, who are almost all the children of extraordinarily affluent businessmen and industrialists, know they don’t belong there.

Explanation of the Class Season 1 Ending

As the season progresses, we meet more characters and gain a better understanding of certain interactions. Suhani has a brother, named Veer, whose father is the target of complaints by Dheeraj’s brother, Neeraj, who intends to steal from Suhani’s family to pay off a family debt. Suhani and Dheeraj have a relationship that both sides of the divide cannot tolerate.

Saba, meantime, becomes Yashika’s rival for the Hampton Gold scholarship and displays a softer side of Veer when Yashika attempts to use him to embarrass and disgrace her, while Balli becomes embroiled in an open relationship between Koel and Sharan.

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She also befriends Dhruv, introduces him to drugs and a drug dealer named Faruq (Saba’s brother), and inadvertently sets in motion their hidden relationship.

Suhani eventually falls in love with Neeraj and pushes him to steal the expensive mobile phone collection of Koel’s father, Mr. Kalra, with the assistance of her intimate knowledge of Koel’s house and habits. The phones are not as valuable as advertised, but the information contained in one of them, which Neeraj intends to use against Koel’s family, is priceless.

This fortune also provides Suhani and Neeraj with a means of escape, given that Suhani is pregnant. They intend to flee and settle together, especially considering that Suhani’s family has been detained following an investigation into the fire at Nurpur Khatola Government School.

Who Killed Suhani? Netflix Series Class Ending Explained

How Does Suhani Die?

Koel observed Suhani concealing an item in her locker. She enlists Balli’s assistance to break it but finds nothing within. Koel argues that if she doesn’t get the phone back from Suhani, it will destroy her family’s life, therefore Balli refuses to do any free labor for her.

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Sharan overhears their exchange. Suhani is found on campus, waiting for Neeraj. Sharan confronts Suhani in an attempt to win back Koel. They engage in a dispute. Sharan blames her and everyone else for turning Koel against him. Sharan attempts to escape, despite Suhani’s insistence that he would be better off without her.

Suhani is not reticent. She hits him and instructs him to vent his anger on someone else. Even still, she claims that he is worthless to everyone. A furious Sharan beats her without delay, and she eventually dies.

Sharan then returns to Koel carrying Suhani’s bag and covered in blood. He clarifies that he did everything for her. She vows to handle the situation. She notifies her parents that she has their cell phones. Then, Balli observes Koel and Sharan leaving college.

Who Messages Koel and Sharan?

At the lake where Koel discarded Suhani’s possessions, Sharan’s bloody shirt begins to float on the surface. Suhani’s Hampton Gold award lies buried deep within the lake.

Back at Koel’s apartment, Koel and Sharan saw his father handing the money to the police. Moments afterward, both Koel and Sharan get a text message from an unidentified number.

Who Killed Suhani? Netflix Series Class Ending Explained

In the passage, unnamed individual states that they are willing to keep their mouths shut but are eager to learn what they would receive in exchange.

The message is accompanied by a photograph of Koel and Sharan taken on campus the day Suhani died, with Sharan wearing a bloodstained shirt.

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The tone of the communication suggests that it is from Balli, who has always sought compensation for his assistance or service. He alone witnessed Sharan and Koel’s departure that evening. He even observed them closely during Suhani’s funeral.