What Do You Expect From Who Killed Sara Season 3 ?

Fans have been enthralled by the twists and turns of the Latin murder mystery “Who Killed Sara?” or “Quién mató a Sara?,” which premiered its first season on March 24 and is currently in its second season. It rapidly became Netflix’s most popular non-English title ever (according to Deadline).

In an unprecedented turn of events, a second season was released just a few months after the first on May 19, only a few months after the first. Now that you’ve had a chance to binge-watch the 18 episodes that are now accessible. It’s understandable that you’re still reeling from the series’ shocking discoveries regarding the murder and the events that transpired in its aftermath.

As well as all of the mind-boggling facts that hint at the possibility that anyone could have murdered Sara — or that no one did, for that matter — are included.

who killed sara season 3

Given all the red herrings and loose ends that need to be tied, you might be wondering when you’ll get to watch more of the show in the first place. After all, spectators are still baffled as to who murdered the young woman, a crime that initially landed the main character Alex (Manolo Cardona) in prison for a long period of time.

Things appear to be becoming more complicated rather than less complicated, which can only be addressed by the third season. Here’s everything we know thus far about “Who Killed Sara?” and what we expect to see in the future.


In flashbacks, Lex (Manolo Cardona) and Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) will be seen together for the first time.

All of the Lazcan family members, including children César and Mariana (Ginés Garca Millán and Claudia Ramrez) and their parents José Mara aka “Chema” (Eugenio Siller), along with Sara’s best friends Marifer (Litzy) and Clara (Fátima Molina), and Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones and Carolina Miranda), are in attendance, as are the Lazcano children, who include children César José Mara is a Brazilian footballer who was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In an interview with the Hollywood Cheat Sheet, Alejandro Nones expressed his surprise at the show’s popularity, saying that it “astonished him.” In his own words, “I had no notion how things were going to turn out.” While filming, I had a distinct impression that ‘this is going to be something extraordinary.’

My career future is dependent on the results I achieve in the near future. The broader public will not be aware of our accomplishments, even if they are truly amazing.”

I am still absolutely taken aback by everything that has happened as a result of my lack of preparedness. Rodolfo was one of my favourite characters since he was so stern and reserved. And he’s feeling a little sad. Oh my God, it gives me that dreadful feeling. He holds a special corner in my heart. My desire to smother him in kisses is aroused by this person.”


Due to the fact that the assassin responsible for Sara’s death is still a mystery, the plot will continue in much the same manner as it has so far. As it turns out, Marifer, who is actually Sara’s half-sister, was the one who cut the parachute strap on Sara. However, Nicandro’s phone conversation with “Doctor” indicates that this was not the cause of her death after all.

The two of them admitted that they were to responsible for her death during that conversation, but were they really? Because of the various plot twists and turns that have dominated the first two seasons, we are not willing to put our money on it at this moment.

who killed sara season 3

Carolina, a cast member on the show, revealed in an interview with Esquire that even they are baffled as to who the perpetrator is. When people see me having a good time at a party, one of the first things they say is, ‘Oh, by the way—who killed Sara?’

Additionally, it’s as though, come on, I don’t have anything to say.” My mum used to tell me things in the same way. For example, ‘I’m your mother,’ would be appropriate. You have to tell me because I’m your mother,’ she says. [Laughs]. So, if you don’t mind my getting it done,” she said quickly.”

Who was Responsible for Sara’s Death? What is the Release Date for Season 3? Is it Going to be in 2022?

Netflix took everyone by surprise when it released the second season of Stranger Things just a few months after the first. Season 1 and Season 2 were both shot continuously under COVID-19 protocols, with only a minor hiatus between the two seasons’ release dates.

According to the most recent rumours, Season 3 is now in the process of filming at a rapid speed. This suggests that we won’t have to wait for very long. We anticipate Who Killed Sara will be released before the end of the first half of 2022, despite Netflix’s failure to specify a particular release date.

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What Can We Expect from the Third Season of the Series?

Several assumptions have been made by fans since the second season’s release, and many of these have come to pass. In this section, we’ll go through some of the beliefs that are noteworthy and more likely to occur during Season 3. Every possible scenario exists for the plot of Season 3 to develop.

Nothing has been verified as of yet. We knew that Alex and Elisa would eventually start a family together because we saw them in a long-term relationship. Furthermore, Elisa has the potential to tease the dark side! In Season 3, Mariana may experience a nervous breakdown.

Marifer, on the other hand, perished after a piece of rubble fell on her, though the season could not confirm her death. In that situation, there’s a chance she’ll come back to see you.

who killed sara season 3

During the third season, it is planned that Rodolfo and Chema will perish. Furthermore, we’ll get to observe Nicandro unravelling his deceptions and schemes. With Cesar returning to Mexico and becoming entangled in Sara’s mystery, it is almost certain that the show’s main antagonist will return.

The last theory can make you feel uncomfortable. Sara may have enlisted the assistance of Cesar or Dr Atlantis in order to stage her death. Yes, there is a strong likelihood that she is still alive. It’s possible that Sara was the one who was playing everyone all along.

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Due to the fact that the assassin responsible for Sara’s death is still a mystery, the plot will continue in much the same manner as it has so far. According to the most recent rumours, Season 3 is now in the process of filming at a rapid speed. This suggests that we won’t have to wait for very long.

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