Who Killed Sara Season 3: When Season 3 Will Be Released?

Season one of “Who Killed Sara?” or “Quién mató a Sara?,” a Latin murder mystery, premiered on March 24 and quickly became a fan favourite. When the thriller soon rose to the top of Netflix's non-English titles chart (according to Deadline), the streaming service unexpectedly announced on May 19 that a second season would be released just weeks later.

After watching all 18 episodes, you're still reeling from the series' shocking discoveries regarding the murder and its aftermath. Any of the other surprising facts, for that matter, show that anybody — or no one was guilty of Sara's death. Alex (Manolo Cardona) is still performing a life sentence for a crime he did not commit, but the viewer has no idea who murdered the young woman.

Given the number of red herrings and untied strands that remain, you might be wondering when we'll see more. Things are becoming more convoluted rather than simpler, which only a third season can address. What we know thus far about “Who Killed Sara?”

When Will Who Killed Sara Season 3 Be Available on Netflix?

Who Killed Sara Season 3

“It's Official: Another Season Is Coming” appeared on Netflix's screen at the end of season two's eighth and final episode. Netflix has not stated how many episodes the third season will have (eight like Season 2?). Is it ten like in Season 1?) the series so far, and whether or not it's going to solve any of the issues.

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When it comes to season release, there's also how long it will take. Season 1 and 2 were reportedly shot simultaneously under COVID-19 protocols by the streaming company, so fans didn't have to wait too long. There is, however, no word on when the third season will premiere.

Even though Netflix had already given the series their seal of approval before the second season aired, Season 3 will be longer than expected, 18  May 2022, and you can probably expect it to arrive.

What Other Actors and Actresses Will You See in Who Killed Sara Season 3?

You can expect the previous season's cast to return for Season 3 because of the unresolved plot points. In the same way, they'd like to know who killed Sara. In Season 2, Colombian actor Cardona plays Alex Guzmán, the protagonist who is trying to solve Sara's murder mystery (or is he?)

Everyone from her ex-boyfriend Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones) to her controlling patriarch César Lazcano (Ginés Garca Millán) seems to be a suspect in her murder. Cast members include chemist José Mara “Chema” Lazcano (Eugenio Siller), Alex's love interest and youngest Lazcano daughter Elisa (Carolina Miranda), as well as Marifer and Clara (Litzy and Fátima Molina), the Lazcano sisters.

MATAS NOVOA is the actor who portrays Nicandro.

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Of course, there's Ximena Lamadrid's Sara to consider. Whether Marifer and Clara will return after Sara's (possibly) death is still up in the air (along with a few others). The coroner declared César dead, but he lied about his death. In Season 3, it's not clear if any new characters will be introduced, but we believe there is already a long list of potential killers.

Who Killed Sara, Season 3's Plot?

Who Killed Sara Season 3

It's clear from the title and the lack of a satisfactory conclusion in the previous season that Season 3 will focus on finding out who killed Sara. Unless, of course, she's still around. At this point, no one knows for sure. Sara's parasailing straps were cut in Season 2 as Marifer confessed to murdering them.

Still, viewers learned later that her actions did not result in Sara's death, even though she appears to be responsible for other killings. Of course, we have no idea if Marifer made it out of the blaze alive. When Nicandro's cryptic phone conversation with Sara's psychiatrist came to a close, it appeared that Nicandro was going to be implicated. Aargh, to use the slang word.

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There have been some dangerous situations for Elisa in previous episodes, so we're rooting for happier times for this couple when Season 3 finally premieres! After Elisa's suicidal act of torching her family's casino, Alex comes to her rescue in the final episode. This is terrible news for Chema because he has admitted to murders he wasn't involved in.

How Was Who Killed Sara Resolved?

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Their cell phone is Rodolfo, who left it at home; he is the only way Sara can contact him. Cesar's turn to pick up the phone and rush to Sara's house with a gun drawn. Abel is strangling Sara, and he shoots him once in the head, killing him.

Exactly Who Murdered Sara?

The identity of Sara's killer was revealed at the end of season 2, but there was another twist at the end of the season finale. In a phone call with Sara's psychiatrist, Dr Alanis, Nicandro claims that he and Sara were responsible for Sara's death and that Dr Alanis was aware of it.

Has Sara Been Killed in Who Killed Sara, or Is She Still Alive?

Sara died as a result of a vengeful cut to the parasail straps. Marifer returned home feeling guilty after learning Sara was her sister. To stop Marifer's obsession with the Lazcanos, Clara had invited Mariana over.

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