Who Killed Arielle Diamond? How Did the “Flavor of Love” Star Deelishis’ Niece Die?

Arielle, the niece of Deelishis, a star of Flavor of Love, is no longer with us. Arielle was one of three students who were discovered dead in the sad mass shooting that occurred at Michigan State University on Monday night, according to a number of media agencies.

On the social media site Instagram, Deelishis, real name Chandra Davis, posted the sad news of her niece Arielle’s passing. For more information about the shooting spree that took place at Michigan State University, keep scrolling.

What Happened to Arielle, the Niece of Deelishis?

Deelishis requested assistance from the public on her Instagram page on Monday in order to locate her niece Arielle, who she said had gone missing following the mass shooting. She then uploaded a picture of her niece to her Instagram account.

“My lovely niece, @ariellediamond_, attends Michigan State University… We haven’t heard from her and she was in her classroom in the same building as the gunman,” Deelishis posted next to a lovely photo of her niece Arielle.


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After saying that, the reality TV personality added, “If you know her whereabouts please msg me… In the interim, please keep my family and me in your prayers! The hashtags “#MichiganStateUniversity” and “#ArielleDiamond” were also added by the user.

Later, the former star of Flavor of Love posted a message from a family member mentioning Arielle had passed away. The message that was pinned said, “My sweet, lovely niece… RIP, little girl.

Who Was Arielle Diamond’s Murderer?

For those of you who are uninformed, let us inform you that a shooter, 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae, was responsible for the deaths of three pupils and the injuries of five more. He started shooting in two different buildings on the Michigan State University campus.

Who killed Arielle Diamond

According to the police, Anthony was found dead from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, although they are unsure of his motivation. We have no idea what the motive was at this point, MSU Police Interim Deputy Chief Chris Rozman stated on Tuesday.

Chris said, “The shooter had no link with the university; he was not a student, faculty member, or staff member, either current or former.” “I know everyone wants to know what the motive is,” he continued. The truth of the matter is that we don’t currently have a solution.

Tributes Pour in for Arielle Diamond

Numerous close friends of the celebrity stopped by the Instagram post’s comments section as soon as word of Deelishis’ niece Arielle spread to express their sympathies.

In the Instagram post’s comments section, Basketball Wives actress Brooke Bailey expressed her sorrow over Deelishis’ niece Arielle’s passing. I’m praying for you and your family, she wrote. I’m so sorry that this sad loss has caused you and your family such unbearable pain. RIP, little girl.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta actress Sheree Whitfield added, “Praying for you and your family’s resilience,” while Basketball Wives star Brandi Maxiell continued, “Praying for you, hard mama.” Praying for your family, wrote Love and Hip Hop star Karlie Redd.

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During this hard time, our prayers are with Arielle Diamond’s loved ones. Keep checking back with us on Keeperfacts.com for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.