Who is Dubai Bling’s Zeina Khoury? Everything About Queen of Versache!

According to Netflix, Dubai Bling sheds light on Dubai’s “high-flying social circle” whose days are filled with “opulent parties, breathtaking skylines, and jaw-dropping clothes.” The show’s cast is a wonderful blend of television entrepreneurs, social media gurus, and real estate salespeople.

According to a report by Grazia, the cast of the show hails from several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Australia. Continue reading to understand all about Zeina Khouri’s personal and professional life.

Who is Dubai Bling’s Zeina Khoury?

In one episode of Dubai Bling, Zeina Khoury, now the CEO and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate, a luxury brokerage in the UAE, states that she was “part of the team that founded Palazzo Versace Dubai,” a five-star hotel located on Dubai’s Jaddaf Waterfront that has hosted celebrities such as 50 Cent, Shah Rukh Khan, and Jennifer Lopez.

Khoury told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia that the developers of Palazzo Versace Dubai “gave me a position, and by the third month I received the top sales award; the rest is history”. “A position in real estate has no floor and no ceiling. I took a chance on the endless revenue possibilities, and it paid off.” Thus was born the self-proclaimed “Queen of Versace.”

Who is Dubai Bling's Zeina Khoury? Everything About Queen of Versache!

Zeina Khoury is the CEO of a Real Estate Firm

Yes, you read that correctly. According to her LinkedIn profile, Zeina is the CEO of a real estate company called High Mark Real Estate. She manages a portfolio of “luxury properties” for the organization, including the Palazzo Versace Dubai and D1 Tower.

With this exception, Khoury is a true fashionista. Her clothing is the stuff of which dreams are formed. It contains attire for all occasions, including business conferences, fashion presentations, and expensive parties. She is also commonly referred to as the ‘Queen of Versace.’ She is a fan of the fashion house Versace.

Who is Zeina Khoury Married to?

For more than a decade, Zeina Khoury has been married to Hanna Azzi, the general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA in Pearl Jumeira, Dubai. Joe and Alexa are their two little children. Azzi does not have social media, so very little is known about him outside of the show and Khoury’s personal accounts.

In the first season of Dubai Bling, the pair experiences some stress when Khoury discovers a Bumble dating profile with her husband’s picture but a different identity. Azzi asserts that she is unaware of the profile and that it is merely a catfish account, but we have a feeling this won’t be the only relationship drama we see from these two this season.

Who is Dubai Bling's Zeina Khoury? Everything About Queen of Versache!

Zeina Khoury’s Love for Dubai

In a recent interview with the magazine Fact, the Dubai Bling star described Dubai as her “second home.” She stated, “I fell in love in Dubai, started a fantastic family, and have a successful business.”

Khoury told the media source, “The city has safeguarded my future and the future of my children, and has provided me with the opportunity to feel safe, secure, find love, and establish myself as a businesswoman while away from home.”

Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth

According to Arabian Business and The Cinemaholic, the CEO of High Mark Real Estate earns approximately $300,000 annually. According to Women’s Health, the social media influencer has a net worth between $310,000 and $2.5 million.

Zeina often displays her extravagant outfit on her social media accounts. Name a piece of clothes, and she has it in her exquisite wardrobe. From Fendi apparel to Gucci handbags, she has everything in her closet. In an interview with Fact magazine, she described herself as a highly accomplished individual who lives a “quite humble existence.”

Final Words

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