Who is the Strongest Titan in Attack of Titan?

Attack on Titan isn’t for you if you like Yakuza or Ghost of Tsushima, but there are plenty of other anime series out there that will. The series is set in a dystopian universe where huge, man-eating humanoid monsters called titans have killed out the majority of humanity and the survivors have taken refuge in a vast kingdom protected by walls.

Things get more complicated and exciting as the plot develops, but the giants are still the biggest threat. Each of these giants is extremely deadly, and they can only be killed by destroying a little target on the back of their necks. However, there are some titans that are truly exceptional, and they also happen to be the strongest.

Who is the Strongest Titan in Attack of Titan?

10. Cart Titan

Pieck Finger was the one steering the Cart Titan. This quadrupedal Titan is here to provide some extra comic relief. The Cart Titan demonstrates extraordinary stamina, since its owner can transform back and forth between human and Titan form an indefinite number of times without displaying any indications of weariness.

Who is the Strongest Titan

A number of turrets are mounted on the back of the Cart Titan. This, together with its swiftness, places it among the show’s top 10 most formidable Titans.

9. Female Titan

This female Titan ranks among the most formidable. This Titan has the ability to harden certain areas of his body, particularly his neck, making him more resistant to assault. It can also strengthen the knuckles and the legs, making it easier to take the offensive.

When in trouble, this Titan can use her scream to call on weaker Titans to help. The shifter’s arsenal of tricks and techniques makes him one of the most formidable Titans to date.

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8. Beast Titan

Tom Ksaver and Zeke Yeager both piloted this Titan. The Titan’s formidable throwing abilities are its greatest asset. When confronted by this Titan, it can shatter boulders and hurl them like a baseball pitch, dealing great damage to its foes.

This Titan has the power to transform humans into Titans because of the royal bloodline of Zeke Yeager. In addition to being one of the show’s most formidable Titans, it has the ability to fortify its skin.

Who is the Strongest Titan

7. Jaw Titan

Ymir and Falco Grice aren’t the only ones who employ the Jaw Titan. Despite being relatively small, this Titan is considered to be among the fleetest. This Titan is incredibly nimble, and it can slice through anything it wants with ease thanks to its sharp fangs. Because of its speed and strength, it is among the most formidable Titans here.

6.  Armored Titan

First shown in the pilot episode of Attack on Titan, this Titan was first used by Reiner Braun. This Titan’s defences make him exceptionally difficult to defeat. Its impenetrable armour can be a problem for anyone seeking to deliver harm to the Titan. The tough skin it has makes it one of the most powerful Titans in the show, and it’s great for hand-to-hand battle.

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5. The Colossal Titan

When the Colossal Titan emerged and blew a breach in Wall Maria, Attack on Titan established itself as an anime capable of stunning visuals. The Colossal Titan is indeed enormous, as its name suggests, yet its size is not its strength.

It’s hot enough to melt flesh right off a person’s body, and the vapour it releases is like a blast furnace. Nevertheless, the titan’s change is what really gives it its terrifying reputation, as the amount of energy released is comparable to that of a large-scale bomb that could level sections of a big metropolis.

Who is the Strongest Titan

4. The Attack Titan

The Attack Titan is currently in the hands of Eren Yeager, who has proven to be a strong combatant. The Attack Titan’s ability to access its previous and subsequent owners’ memories is particularly useful. Attack Titan is one of the strongest of the Nine Titans due of its capacity to consistently push forward and struggle for freedom.

Many other Titans fell to the Attack Titan’s blade, but the Armored Titan was its deadliest foe. Eren was able to overcome the Armored Titan despite its much tougher skin than the Attack’s. When Eren and the Armored Titan tussled, Eren eventually cracked and shattered the Titan’s armour.

3. The War Hammer Titan

An Instrument of Warfare Titan’s appearance was the most anticipated of any of the Nine Titans.  The titan’s ability to fashion weapons and structures from its own hardened flesh gives it a distinct advantage in battle; for example, the War Hammer Titan may imprison humans and other titans, then impale them with a spear or shoot a gigantic arrow straight through the throat.

The War Hammer Titan is the most adaptable, and if not for Mikasa, it would have destroyed Eren. During their battle, the War Hammer was clearly victorious due to the ease with which its weaponry penetrated the Attack Titan’s armour. The Titan’s capacity to generate spikes from the earth allowed the War Hammer to paralyse Eren as well.

Who is the Strongest Titan

2. The Wall Titans

The walls shielding humanity in the first season of Attack on Titan were shown to be constructed by thousands of slightly smaller versions of the massive titans. There is no intelligence among these titans, but they can wipe out the human race as a whole.

It is quite impossible to kill one of these titans; cannon fire and aerial bombing have little impact on them, and they march till they destroy the entire Earth under their boots if released, therefore they serve both as a deterrent and a sword to protect Paradis island.

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1. Founding Titan

In addition to piloting the Attack Titan, Grisha and Eren Yeager also operated the Founding Titan. The Fritz family has used the Founding Titan for decades. Memory manipulation by the royal family was just one way the Founding Titan exerted power over the Eldians.

They were able to manipulate the Eldians’ bodies and force the titans to do their bidding. Grisha ate Frieda Fritz and gave the Founding Titan to his son before dying after using the Attack Titan’s powers for too long. The Founding Titan is unrivalled in strength because of its immense resources.