Who is the Strongest Spider Man in Marvel Comics?


Spider-Man is not only one of the most well-known superheroes created by Marvel Comics, but also one of the most well-known pop culture icons in the entire globe. The friendly neighbourhood web-resume slinger's includes a plethora of films, television programmes, spin-off comic books, and superhero computer games. Due to the character's pervasive appearances, even those individuals who do not read comic books are able to recognise him.

Peter Parker is the name that the majority of people associate with Spider-Man. His most noteworthy roles to date have been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the three films directed by Sam Raimi, the two films directed by Marc Webb, and the video games developed by Insomniac.


Despite this, there are a plethora of different interpretations of this character. These other Spider-Men possess an impressive amount of strength and power. The following are some of the more formidable incarnations of this well-known superhero.

Who is the Strongest Spider Man in Marvel Comics?

10. Miles Morales


Maybe just Peter Parker's version of Spider-Man has seen greater success, but Miles Morales has become a fan favourite in his own right. He, like Peter, has his own stand-alone animated film and video game. His universe eventually united with Earth-616 after first appearing in the Ultimate run of Marvel comics.

Who is the Strongest Spider Man

Besides having nearly the same morals and skills as Peter Parker, they have a much in common. But Miles possesses special skills that Peter doesn't have, such as Bio-Electrokinesis and invisibility. By the time Miles has honed his abilities and gained more experience, he will have surpassed Peter Parker in terms of raw talent.

9. Peter Parker 

Peter Parker of Earth-92100 concocts a formula to destroy his superpowers. Instead, he got four new arms from the potion, two on each side. Peter desperately searches for a remedy, consulting with Doctor Connors, Professor X, and Reed Richards, but to no effect.

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Peter actually did had to deal with Doctor Octopus in a fight. Through this experience, Peter came to accept his atypical appearance and learn to rely on his extended limbs in combat. Peter was able to rescue Gwen Stacy from the Green Goblin in part due of his augmented limbs.

8. Spider-Man 2099

In the 2099, somebody else takes on the role of Spider-Man. In this case, we're talking about Miguel O'Hara. Miguel, a geneticist, was imbued with 50% spider DNA, giving him spider powers. His talents and skills are comparable to those of the 616 Spider-Man, with some added bonuses.

Miguel possesses immobilising talons and fangs in addition to superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, and agility. Unlike the comic book version of Spider-Man, his webs are made entirely of organic materials.

Who is the Strongest Spider Man

7. Ghost-Spider

Here on Earth 11638, Uncle Ben lives forever. Instead, he assisted Peter in his training after he acquired his spider abilities. At first, this Peter doesn't seem too courageous. With his wealth, he built a device that contacts and absorbs the abilities of Spider-Men from alternate dimensions. Because of this, he finally met Peter Parker from Earth-616.

In the year 616, one Peter convinced another Peter that what he had done was not heroic. Unfortunately, the other Peter had his powers pulled into the machine before they could come to a resolution. The coma they induced locked his soul in Purgatory. Finally, Dr. Banner, the universe's highest-ranking sorcerer, helped him escape by imbuing Peter with demonic energy. Peter awoke with all of the Ghost Rider's abilities.

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6. Otto Octavius (Superior Spider-Man)

The supervillain Doctor Octopus was nearly killed by the many times he clashed with heroes possessing superpowers. Though Peter Parker's memories still influenced him, in his final act as Doctor Octopus, he used his cutting-edge technology to assume control of Spider-body. Man's

Superior Spider-Man Otto Octavius had all the abilities of the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, but his suit and gadgets were upgraded and augmented with cutting-edge technology. After realising that Peter Parker was more capable of taking over Spider-body Man's than he was, Otto relinquished control of the superhero's body to him.

Who is the Strongest Spider Man

5. Norman Osborn (Reality Spider-Man)

Events like Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon, which introduced multiple alternate Spider-Man, let Spider-Man and his allies realise their role in the multiverse as avatars of the Web of Life and Destiny. Norman Osborn is one of these versions; via his own experimentation, he became Spider-Norman, a more sinister iteration of the Web-Slinger.

He possessed the typical Spider-Man abilities, albeit he cheerfully adopted the extra arms that Peter Parker had to temporarily adjust to. Thus, when he regained his Superior Spider-Man identity in a new cloned body, he posed a significant threat to the assembled Spider-Men and eventually to Otto Octavius.

4. Ai Apaec 

Norman Osborn assembled a new group of villains to continue using the Avengers' heroic identities after the original roster of the Dark Avengers was vanquished and disbanded. He enlisted the help of a god from South America called Ai Apaec, also known as the Decapitator because of his favoured manner of dealing with opponents.

Osborn used a different formula to make Ai Apaec, the second Dark Spider-Man, look more like a person with six arms, despite the fact that Ai Apaec was a chimaera with a semi-human torso on top of a huge spider body. One of the toughest Spider-Men due to his tremendous strength and durability and venomous fangs, he was reportedly killed when he was shrunk down and trampled on.

Who is the Strongest Spider Man

3. Ben Reilly 

Jackal developed several Peter Parker clones, but the most successful first met him during the original Clone Saga before he quietly departed New York for five years to build his own life. Jackal's manipulations made this clone believe he was Peter Parker and return to the city as Scarlet Spider.

When Peter Parker retired, the clone became Spider-Man under the name Ben Reilly, but Norman Osborn lied about his origins. Clone deterioration killed Reilly. Years later, the Beyond Corporation rehired Ben as Spider-Man.

2. Zombie Spider Man

The MCU's Marvel Zombies was terrifying, but the comic's terrorized the multiverse. Heroes retain their powers but want human flesh after infection.

While this Spider-Man is already more strong than others due to his zombie form (he doesn't feel pain, which is advantageous in combat), he was bestowed a piece of the Power Cosmic, the same source of power used by the Silver Surfer. The Power Cosmic provides ludicrous powers like time travel, energy channelling, teleportation, and more.

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1. Cosmic Spider-Man

Cosmic Spider-Man is the strongest. Peter absorbs the Enigma Force in Acts of Vengeance. This gives him unimaginable powers and makes him Captain Universe, the corporeal embodiment of the Uni-Power, the universe's energy.

Cosmic Spider-Man punched Grey Hulk into orbit. Spider-Man got many superpowers after becoming Captain Universe. He became practically invulnerable, could manipulate matter, fly, and travel 99% of the speed of light. Peter from Earth 616 lost Captain Universe, whereas Spider-Man from Earth 91110 kept his powers longer.