Who is the Strongest Marvel Character in Universe of All Time!


The abilities of those who inhabit the Marvel Cinematic Universe have grown alongside its size. The world that was inaugurated by Tony Stark in his mechanical super suit has gradually but obviously evolved into a place populated by beings that are essentially and occasionally practically gods. Yet, there are a select few heroes and heroines in the MCU who stand out as the absolute best of the best.

These are the types of supernatural beings you definitely don't want to go to war with. Some of our heroes are on this list, along with some villains and a few creatures who don't fit into either category. Regardless of their goals, however, they are unquestionably formidable.


In this article, we'll examine the leading candidates for the title of “strongest Marvel character,” and then provide our final opinion on who deserves to hold that honour.

Who is the Strongest Marvel Character in Universe?

9. Doctor Strange


In reality, Doctor Strange is nothing more than a wizard, albeit a very talented one. When he was stripped of the time stone and the title of Sorcerer Supreme, he nevertheless managed to save America from Wanda, proving that he still possessed the magic to do so.

Strongest Marvel Character

Although he didn't succeed in his fight against Thanos, he was one of the few heroes to have any chance against him in a direct confrontation. It was only through Strange's insight that the Avengers were able to defeat the Mad Titan and save humanity from the Snap.

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8. Thor

Since Thor appears like such a good time, it's easy to forget that he was the most powerful of the original Avengers team. First, he can fly thanks to his hammer, and second, he possesses the power of lightning.

His standing has declined as the MCU has expanded, but that's only because new, more formidable heroes and villains constantly being unveiled. Because of Thor's continued prominence, the foes he faces must also be exceptionally potent.

7. Captain Marvel

Thanks to her incredible strength, Captain Marvel can completely shift the tide of any battle in which she participates. At the climax of Endgame, her appearance is the decisive factor.

Strongest Marvel Character

While it's evident that Thanos' strength doesn't have the same effect on her as it does on rest of the Avengers, she may not be able to take him on for very long. It remains to be seen how she will be utilised in future MCU projects, but she is certainly one of the most potent heroes at their disposal.

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6. Vision

Considering everything he is capable of, the MCU certainly never witnessed “peak Vision”. He effortlessly defeated an already-destroyed Ultron, but after that, this J.A.R.V.I.S. mixtape constructed of vibranium was frequently interrupted.

He was overlooked during Civil War and had a slow start in Infinity War (before getting killed twice). WandaVision showed him in two distinct yet equally unsettling guises: the show's central focus wasn't even on his abilities.

Vision is a heroic mishmash of superpowers capable of utterly annihilating anyone who crosses his path. Vision is a fortress of savagery in battle, with abilities like invulnerability, density manipulation, and blasts from the Mind Stone affixed to his forehead (when he had it). However, with him, we were never able to get any further than the surface.

5. Iron Man

Tony Stark's incredible ingenuity has allowed Iron Man to evolve from welded and soldered together bits to nearly undetectable nano-tech that can encase Tony's body in seconds, making him a versatile Avenger.

Strongest Marvel Character

In the midst of combat, Iron Man always seems to have an aggressive answer to every key question, and he always seems to have a thousand tricks in his sleeve. His brain has practically been the MVP of the MCU since the beginning, despite the fact that Tony has made his fair share of goofs in the course of trying to safeguard our earth from cosmic invasions and the like.

This person, however, really just needed a couple of hours to figure out how to time travel. Just for fun. Tony's mind is so far above average that he can usually find a logical way out of any situation, while others may have the physical prowess to knock down skyscrapers or blast their bodies through spaceships.

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4. Hulk

It has never been decided for sure whether Hulk is stronger than Thor, but since so much of Hulk's strength comes from his wrath, he may very well be the strongest Avenger when it comes to raw strength and power. In addition, there was a time when Hulk decided he didn't want to make an appearance. He's the team's strongest player, but also the most mercurial.

Hulk could be so much more than the wildcard he is if he didn't have to contend with so many limiting tendencies and eccentricities of spirit. The way things are now, though, he is still endowed with superhuman strength and, from what we can discern, an apparent immunity to death. At the conclusion of Shang-Chi, Banner had already begun the process of un-Hulking. After the events of Endgame, Banner's alter ego, Smart Hulk, became the most level-headed version of himself yet.

Strongest Marvel Character

3. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff has come a long way since Avengers: Age of Ultron, where she mostly tore apart two robots. She embraces her role as the Scarlet Witch in the MCU, wielding scary power.

Wanda clearly outclasses Captain Marvel, who is comparable to Thanos. In Avengers: Endgame, she easily disarms him on the battlefield, which Kevin Feige says shows the changing tides. In late 2019, he publicly supported Wanda as the MCU's strongest hero at a New York Film Academy Q&A.

The Living Tribunal protects the Multiverse whenever necessary, unlike Marvel's cosmic pantheon. The Creator left the Living Tribunal as an almighty power to arbitrate cosmic issues and prevent mortals from jeopardising existence. The Living Tribunal may invalidate the Infinity Stones and any single-universe tool.

2. Beyonder

The Beyonder, an interdimensional creature from outside the Multiverse, was introduced by James Shooter and Mike Zeck in 1984's fan-favorite “Secret Wars” arch. He's not limited by Marvel's core reality like the Living Tribunal. The Beyonder can move a planet, manipulate physics, and destroy the cosmos with a thought.

Strongest Marvel Character

Thus, Marvel Comics depicted the Beyonder as the most powerful being ever. The Beyonder's powers were retconned and decreased over the years because he was too powerful for any hero or villain to defeat. Still, Marvel Comics' original Beyonder from “Secret War” is one of their most powerful characters. Marvel Studios' Avengers: Secret Wars may introduce the Beyonder or Kang the Conqueror to start the Multiversal battle.

1. One-Above-All

 Marvel Comics' first place is objective. The One-Above-All, Marvel Comics' God, first introduced in 2004's Fantastic Four #511. The One-Above-All created the Multiverse and Omniverse, including the Beyonder's reality, the DC Universe, Star Wars' galaxy, and everything else.

In Marvel Comics and other fictional universes, the One-Above-All represents the human mind, the ultimate power. While different tales may show heroes and villains beating each other regardless of power scale, it can only happen because a writer first envisioned these epic duels. The One-Above-All in Marvel Comics symbolises creation, the strongest power.