Who is the Strongest Hashira in the Demon Slayers Corps?

The Hashira are the top fighters in the Demon Slayers Corps. Each member of the Hashira has earned their place in the group by slaying great demons and saving the lives of countless people. You can get a first-hand look at the power of this top-tier group by observing how Kyojuro Rengoku saved everyone on the Mugen Train while simultaneously fighting an Upper-Rank Three monster.

An additional illustration of this can be found in the time when Tengen Uzui, with the assistance of Tanjiro Kamado and his group, defeated an Upper-Rank Six demon in the Entertainment District Arc.

Fans of Demon Slayer have often pondered the question of which member of the Hashira clan is the most powerful, given that the clan is comprised of a large number of powerful warriors. If you look closely enough at the anime and manga, the answer to this question will present itself to you.

Who is the Strongest Hashira in the Demon Slayers Corps?

9. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu stood out as an outlier even amongst her fellow members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Hashira had a previous life as the insect. She lacks the strength required to decapitate a demon, unlike most other Demon Slayers. Still, she learned to fight with a ferocious, cutting style.

Who is the Strongest Hashira

Rather than engage in hand-to-hand combat, Shinobu uses injectable drugs. These drugs frequently result in confusion and death. She has a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits and adverse reactions of several herbs. She knows how to turn this to her advantage in combat and is the Corps’ best healer as a result.

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8. Muichiro Tokito

With the Demon Slayer Corps, he has been an incredible asset. Muichiro is calm and logical, and he doesn’t allow his feelings get in the way of his demon-slaying. But he has repeatedly contradicted such views.

Since he often daydreams and ponders abstract ideas, he may come across as naive. Yet, despite this, Muichiro is an efficient enemy of the demonic. Using only his Demon Slayer Mark, Muichiro vanquished an Upper Moon on his alone.

7. Obanai Iguro

In the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai serves as the current Serpent Hashira. He is incredibly dedicated to his work and never breaks the rules. He has no compunctions about publicly reprimanding Corps personnel for disobeying orders. Obanai is a staunch believer who would give his life for the Corps and urges his fellow soldiers to do the same.

He doesn’t mince words and, at times, might come across as overly critical. Though he may not care much for himself, he has a soft spot for Mitsuri. Obanai is a lethal assailant due to his proficiency in combat and his use of Serpent Breathing techniques. Obanai has shown to be a competent Hashira despite his diminutive stature and lack of physical power.

Who is the Strongest Hashira

6. Tengen Uzui

Hashira Tengen Uzui is a crucial part of Tanjiro and company’s plan to take down the high-level demon Gyutaro/Daki in Season 2 of Demon Slayer. Uzui tells Gyutaro and Daki, during their fight in the Entertainment District, that he is not talented, frequently with a witty comment, despite his aggressive and rapid fighting style.

The results of battle belie Uzui’s lack of confidence in his own talents. The years he spent training as a shinobi gave him an unshakeable confidence in the face of death, and combined with his lightning-fast reflexes, he is a formidable warrior. Another example of his prowess is the lightning-fast speed with which he swings his enormous nun chuck cleavers.

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5. Kanroji Mitsuri

When you first meet Kanroji, you might not expect her to be particularly powerful, but that’s far from the truth. Because of her muscular build, she is far stronger than other people.

It is believed that at 13 months old, she could pick up a rock weighing 15 kg. She successfully resisted Hantengu’s attacks and even managed to deal some serious damage of her own. On the other hand, she isn’t quite as powerful as some of the other Hashiras in the series.

Who is the Strongest Hashira

4. Sanemi Shinazugawa

Wind Ms. Hashira Sanemi In the first season of Demon Slayer, Shinazugawa displays his brazenness and hatred of demons by confronting Nezuko in her box and trying to provoke her into attacking him. Shinazugawa still refuses to embrace the possibility of peaceful coexistence between demons and humans, despite the fact that this plan backfired and Nezuko was permitted to continue accompanying Tanjiro.

Shinazugawa, one of the quickest Hashira, is also one of the most powerful, making full use of his speed to his advantage in battle. Although physically formidable, he often lets his temper get the best of him, as evidenced by Tanjiro’s headbutt during the Hashira meeting in season one.

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3. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka, the first Hashira seen in the anime, displays a level of composure in combat and self-control that is unprecedented among the Hashira by letting Nezuko survive in the pilot episode. The fact that he approves Nezuko’s membership in the Demon Slayer Corp and is willing to have his stomach slashed if she harms a human demonstrates the strength of his mind.

Tomioka is a student of the water technique, having trained under former water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki, and he brings a cool, collected strength to battle that makes him a dangerous opponent. A prime example of his great strength is his elimination of the level six demon Rui, which he accomplished with relative ease thanks to his own invention, “dead calm.”

Who is the Strongest Hashira

2. Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku is another powerful Hashira who nearly slowed down Akaza before the sun burned him. Although Akaza could have easily hurt Rengoku, he refrained from doing so because he saw great promise in Rengoku’s fighting skills.

Rengoku, of course, turned down his invitation to become a demon. The Upper Moon 3 came close to defeating Akaza, but he didn’t show his true potential and instead fled into the woods.

1. Gyomei Himejima

Demon Slayer’s most powerful Hashira is Gyomei Himejima. In the manga, it is stated that he is the most powerful member of the Demon Slayer Corps, a claim shared by Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

The fight with Kokushibo was a display of his power. Gyomei’s refined figure and formidable strength were admired by even the Upper Moon 1. He went so far as to say that Gyomei was the most formidable combatant he had encountered in three centuries.