Who is the Strongest God of Destruction in Dragon Ball?

The heroic exploits of Goku and company in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball have been a cultural phenomenon for over three decades, and they show no signs of ending. Evildoers in the universe are getting more deadly, but Earth’s heroic protectors keep pushing themselves to their limits and drawing on unimaginable reserves of strength.

The ragtag heroes of Dragon Ball have explored the galaxy, gone back in time, and even visited parallel universes. Within Dragon Ball Super’s multilayered universe, the Gods of Destruction have risen to prominence.

Audiences have spent a lot of time with Universe 7’s God of Destruction, but the topic of who is the strongest God of Destruction is still hotly debated. Here, for the benefit of fans, is a ranking of the Gods of Destruction, according to the level of destruction they can cause.

Who is the Strongest God of Destruction in Dragon Ball?

10. Liquiir (Universe 8) 

To put it simply, Liquiir is a fox with human characteristics. His eyes are yellow, but his pupils are black. It has golden yellow fur with white highlights. His palms are brown. He’s wearing a brown belt and pants and a purple one.

Who is the Strongest God of Destruction

Liquiir wears yellow jewellery, like the other Gods of Destruction. This includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The design of Liquiir may have been inspired by Miles “Tails” Prower of the Sonic the Hedgehog series or by Kitsune of Japanese mythology, like as Kyubi of the Naruto manga. Also, in the anime, he has three tails instead of the two that appear in the original design.

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9. Rumsshi (Universe 10) 

As the God of Destruction, he enjoys the attention he receives from his followers. Despite this, the accusation that he is slothful stems from the fact that he dislikes destroying planets since it gives him a toothache. The way Son Goku treated the King of All was intolerable to him, so he labels him as a disrespectful person.

When it comes to his friendship with Gowas, he holds the opinion that the Kaio-shin should rely less on his intellect and more on his muscles. To prove his point, he assembled a team of ten muscle-bound warriors whom Gowas distrusts, laughing to himself about how the Kaio-shin had failed by relying on his intellect.

8. Giin (Universe 12)

He destroys with no remorse or regard for collateral damage. As I witnessed when he was exempt from competing in the Tournament of Power or when he argued with Iwen, God of Destruction of Universe 1, about which universe he was the finest in, he is highly confident in his universe and even proud of it. He appears mildly disheartened as the Zen’o wipe out Universe 9.

7. Heles (Universe 2)

Who is the Strongest God of Destruction

From Universe 2, she is the God of Destruction, and she is as formidable as she is stunning. She is so skilled with her magical bow that she once managed to shoot an arrow through the arm of Liquiir, the God of Destruction for Universe 8.

6. Quitela (Universe 4)

The God of Destruction hails from Universe 4, and his name is Quitela. In the manga, he faces off against Beerus and Iwne, who is the God of Destruction for Universe 1, and triumphs over both of them. Beerus admitted that he had lost the arm wrestling match, but he remained certain that he would prevail in a genuine fight.

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5. Mosco (Universe 3)

Mosco, whose actual name is Mule, is the Destroyer of Universe 3 and pilots his ancient robot around in destructive rage. Mosco differs significantly across the two media. He despises Beerus in the manga, but he respects Universe 7 and holds no grudges against them in the anime.

Mosco’s temporary hold on Beerus in the Zen Exhibition Match demonstrated his strength. Even though his strength outside of the robot is unclear, he used it to his advantage in a fight against Heles and Liquiir.

4. Sidra (Universe 9) 

He is weak, indecisive, and reckless for a God of Destruction.  He destroyed a city hours before the Tournament of Power. He doesn’t get mad at his teammates who lose for silly reasons, unlike other gods. He looked apprehensive about his universe’s demise, but unlike Rou or Team Universe 9, he didn’t cry in agony.

Who is the Strongest God of Destruction

In the manga, Sidra is more focused as God of Destruction, destroying a planet because its inhabitants couldn’t reconstruct it and its presence was pointless. However, he did not enjoy that decision, but he had to do it because that was his job, rechecking his figures to make sure.

3. Champa (Universe 6)

God of Destruction in Universe 6, Champa is Beerus’s identical brother and archrival in Universe 7. In the Universe 6 Saga, he was the main antagonist since he plotted to steal Earth from Beerus.

Champa is among the most potent Gods of Destruction because of his training under Vados. Champa, along with Beerus, is one of the most powerful destroyer gods; they have almost destroyed entire universes but for the intervention of Whis and Vados. Finally, Vados suggested that Beerus is superior to his sibling, the mighty Bronto.

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2. Belmod (Universe 11)

In the 11th universe, Belmod presides as the destroyer deity. In spite of his clownish aspect, he is a kind deity. He will not put up with or accept wrongdoing. He is oblivious to his Angel’s advice, but continues to act superior and boast about his Universe’s might.

It’s possible that, among the Gods of Destruction, Belmod is the most potent. When asked who is stronger, Whis in the anime responded Belmod. According to the manga, Belmod defeated Sidra and had enough Imprisonment Balls and Energy Cards to deal damage to all the other Gods of Destruction.

Who is the Strongest God of Destruction

1. Beerus (Universe 7)

When it comes to Universe 7, Beerus is the ultimate destroyer. He is in greater shape and more terrifying than his sibling Champa, and this makes him the stronger of the two. After waking up from his extended hibernation, he encountered Super Sayain 3 Goku and easily swatted him away with a finger. He has the power to wipe out any planet he chooses, and the only reason he has let Earth survive is his insatiable appetite for its cuisine.

Beerus defeated a combined force of the Gods of Destruction in the Dragon Ball manga. He has already arrived at the level Goku aspires to reach, and it’s possible Goku will never catch up to him. There are other gods that are even more powerful than Beerus, but he is by far the strongest God of Destruction.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Ball is currently one of the most widely watched anime and manga series. Akira Toriyama’s masterwork has become one of the most popular and enduring anime and manga franchises of all time.

Unlike the Gods of Creation, who generate life in order to maintain the balance of their realms, the Gods of Destruction are creatures of remarkable power who are capable of destroying life or planets in their universes. As there are twelve universes in the Dragon Ball universe, there must be twelve deities of destruction.