Who is the Strongest Eternal? Top 10 Ranked!


Eternals, the 26th film in the Marvel Comics Universe, made its debut in theatres in the year 2021. The plot of the movie centred on a band of superheroes that managed to remain covert on Earth for thousands of years. It's possible that you're already aware of this, but one of the celestials named Arishem was the one who devised the Eternals as a means of shielding the planet from the influence of harmful Deviants.

Every one of these ten superheroes possesses a special ability that is entirely their own. However, there is a possibility that some fans are interested in finding out which Eternal is the most powerful of them all. We provide a comprehensive rundown of all the Eternals, ranking them from weakest to strongest in terms of their skills.


Who is the Strongest Eternal?

10. Zuras

Upon Kronos's demise, the other Eternals voted for Zuras to take control, as he was the first to create the Uni-mind. In the past, humans mistook him for the god Zeus, and Zeus himself struck a peace treaty with the Eternal king to avoid conflict.


Who is the Strongest Eternal

In the 1940s, when Kro caused havoc, Zuras dispatched Makkari to stop him. In addition to banishing Gilgamesh, he also changed his name to “the Forgotten” and cut off all contact with the Eternals.  Zuras found himself in the position of a senile, drunken, homeless person. His memories were restored by Ajak once he located him. Zuras tracked down Sprite and promptly snapped his neck.

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9. Interloper

Although Interloper is an Eternal, he avoids interacting with any of the other Eternals on Earth, with the exception of his companion Gilgamesh. Interloper fought the Dragon of the Moon on multiple occasions, sometimes alongside the Eternals of Titan. To recover from what he believed to be his final encounter with the Dragon, he isolated himself from society and lived as a hermit.

Interloper possesses a wide array of abilities, both those shared by all Earth Eternals and some unique to him as a result of his rigorous training and discipline. He, like other Eternals, has an endless lifespan. In the 40-ton range, his strength is superhuman. He has this incredible ability to strike terror into the hearts of his opponents to the point where they will not dare to confront him.

8. Gilgamesh

Don Lee will play Gilgamesh in the next Eternals film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the mightiest and longest-lasting of the Eternals, Gilgamesh is also known as The Forgotten One in the Marvel Comics universe. The Eternals' version of Thor, Gilgamesh may not have many followers but he packs a serious punch.

Gilgamesh possesses the strength to easily lift over 100 tonnes, making him the physically strongest of the Eternals. He is the most potent of Earth's Eternals and has superhuman longevity and resistance to illness. He also possesses a unique regenerative healing element.

Who is the Strongest Eternal

7. Makkari

The exceptional quickness with which Makkari moves is his most notable talent. Her lack of combat ability, however, makes her a useless weapon. If a Deviant attack occurs, she will rush in to rescue civilians and clear the area so the rest of the team can battle freely. And she's competent enough to launch hit-and-runs, too.

6. Sersi

There are heroes like Sersi, who don't realise how powerful they can be. Sersi lacks Kingo and Ikaris's combat prowess, but she has something even more potent: her mind. Intriguingly, she has complete control over the physical world. During her battle with Deviant, Sersi had transformed a bus into rose petals and even summoned a tree from thin air. But Sersi's sole real flaw is that she has no idea how to put her talents to use.

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5. Kingo

Kingo is liked by everyone because he is the group's comic relief. Kingo is strong enough to protect himself, though he prefers to avoid conflict whenever possible. Cosmic beams form in his palms, which he then uses to hurl at his foes. His composure is also on display when the group learns of Ikaris' treachery. Instead of staying and fighting with his own kind, he decided to abandon the assignment.

4. Ajak

Ajak will be leading the mission as a result of a decision made by Arishem. However, she does not have what it takes to be a soldier on the front lines. Despite this, it is beyond anyone's ability to deny that she possesses an extraordinary talent for self-healing.

Who is the Strongest Eternal

3. Thena

Thena was a formidable warrior for the gods, which is why she is worshipped as the Goddess of War. However, she is devastated by her status as an Immortal, leading to violent outbursts that even endanger her teammates. She is one of the most powerful Eternals thanks to her exceptional swordsmanship.

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2. Thanos

The fact that Thanos is an Eternal is the biggest revelation for those unfamiliar with the books. Of course, he is not one of Earth's Eternals, but he is one of Titan's. Thanos has already established himself as the ultimate threat in the MCU, as it will take the combined might of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to destroy him in Avengers: Endgame.

Thanos was not only born with Deviant Syndrome, the Eternals' equivalent of being born a mutant, but he was also one of the Eternals of Titan. The opposite of the Eternals are the Deviants. Thanos is the most potent of Titan's Eternals because Death revived him and gave him the ability to control cosmic energy.

1. Kronos

In the Marvel Comics universe, Kronos is the strongest of The Eternals. In the distant past, Kronus and his brother Uranos governed the Eternals. Uranos wanted war, but Kronos wanted peace, so they fought and Uranos lost, becoming Kronos the ruler of Earth.

Unfortunately, Kronos' physical body was destroyed in a laboratory accident, and he eventually merged with the cosmos. Kronos is capable of telepathy and has a cosmic consciousness and intellect much beyond that of any human. He has the power to influence the past and the future and control the souls of the recently departed.