Who is the Creepy Gardener in Red Rose on Netflix? You Won’t Believe Who He is!

In less than a year, Red Rose evolved from being a BBC drama to a Netflix original. It's a horror drama about a group of kids who are tormented by a strange program, and it's a cautionary story about the hazards of technology and our always-online lifestyle. The plot twists quite a bit before the film's conclusion.

Fortunately, we're here to analyze the drama, unravel some of the real-world concepts, and speculate on some of the unanswered issues – which, in typical Netflix fashion, are plenty. Thus, let's get started.

Who is the Creepy Gardener?

The identity of the Gardener is a bit of a double bluff on the part of Red Rose. Rick, Wren's father, is kidnapped by a man thought to be the enigmatic person in the series' conclusion, and Wren eventually kills him in a struggle.

Later, it is revealed that the Gardener is actually a lady who spared Noah's life and who implies to Wren that she led her to her father's kidnapper in order to keep the story interesting.

The Gardener has been playing everyone the entire while, but their true identity is still a little unclear. The woman may be another red herring, but that will be explored in later seasons.

Who is the Creepy Gardener in 'Red Rose' on Netflix?

Nevertheless, the true identity of the Gardener is considerably more terrifying. Normal (well, not normal, but you get the idea) adult female who wanted to see how far kids would go under the influence of the app.

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Often, when a murderer is identified, the victims want to know their motivation. Why was this woman harassing Bolton's adolescents?

Why did the Gardener decide to assist Jaya (Ashna Rabheru) and the others in the season one finale of Red Rose? The Gardener responds, “Why not?” when Jaya poses this question.

Still believing that one of the other men holding Wren's father prisoner was the true Gardener, Jaya is stunned by the woman's admission that the Gardener is dead, despite her assurance.

The true Gardener responds with a frightening, “Is she?” The Gardener demonstrates no regret for her deeds or the gruesome deaths of Jaya's comrades. She seemed almost amused by the entire situation and departs with a broad grin.

Can We Expect to See the Gardener Again in ‘Red Rose' Season 2?

The conclusion of Red Rose Season 1 made it plain that the actual Gardener escaped punishment for her actions. Worst yet, as things finally appear to be improving for the Bolton kids, hell is just beginning for another set of naïve, dream-filled adolescents in Tokyo.

After the group of friends in Tokyo discusses their life goals, one of the friends downloads the Red Rose application. Even though BBC Three has not yet renewed Red Rose for a second season, the conclusion of Season 1 reveals that the Gardener is still alive and ready to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Who is the Creepy Gardener in 'Red Rose' on Netflix?

What Exactly is a Red Rose?

The titular Red Rose is an unusually obtrusive smartphone application. As so much of Rochelle's existence is stored on her phone, we are primarily introduced to it through Rochelle, whose life it rapidly takes over.

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It manipulates her messages, phone calls, and camera, forcing her into more perilous social situations, and while her early death is ostensibly a suicide, there is a distinct sense that the app is to blame.