Who is the Chief at the End of Luther the Fallen Sun? Unknown Facts Revealed!


Based on Neil Cross' British television series “Luther,” “Luther: The Fallen Sun” is a crime thriller movie available on Netflix. Idris Elba returns as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther under the direction of Jamie Payne. In the movie, Luther meets David Robey, a tech tycoon who also works as a serial killer.

Luther ends up in jail and has his name ruined while he seeks to apprehend Robey. When Robey and Luther have finished fighting, Luther encounters the enigmatic government agent known only as The Chief. Here is all you need to know about The Chief, including who he is and how Luther's future will be impacted by his presence.


What Happens at the End of Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Luther: The Fallen Sun shows that Robey played a significant role in why Luther was initially imprisoned, in a twist reminiscent of Blofeld. Robey leaked a dossier detailing Luther's transgressions to the public as Luther was getting close to finding a teenager Robey had kidnapped.

Robey couldn't let it go, and while Luther was in jail, he made a poor choice by taunting him. Following a close call at Piccadilly Circus, Luther follows Robey to his frigid stronghold someplace close to Norway.


In order to save her stolen daughter, DCI Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo), Luther's replacement, is accompanying him. Robey believed he could get Raine to kill Luther by using her kid, but they ended up working together.

Who is the Chief at the End of Luther the Fallen Sun

For a while, Robey had the upper hand, forcing them to take part in his bizarre Red Room (basically, an online site where people can watch people get tortured). Robey drowns after Luther, who is unwilling to cooperate, chases him onto the ice and into a cold water struggle.

While all of this is going on, Raine is able to save her daughter in the Red Room. The two of them escape after Luther manages to unlock the door using Robey's phone while it is hidden beneath the ice.

It appears like a happy ending when Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley), who had been assisting in finding Luther, comes just in time to prevent Luther from suffering the same fate as Robey under the ice. While Raine repeatedly stabbed Luther as part of Robey's Red Room game, Luther is still alive.

Of course, Luther's prison break to find and kill Robey remains a bothersome issue. No matter how many serial killers you apprehend, Luther will still be held accountable for a prison break. …or does he?

Who Is the Chief?

Luther is seriously hurt and on the verge of passing out after his fight with Robey. Luther is saved, nevertheless, just in time, and is given medical attention. In the dying minutes, Luther awakens and discovers himself in a strange place.

Martin Schenk, his old boss, greets Luther as he begins to feel better. Luther is being held at a safe house that is owned by the government, according to Schenk. Luther is shocked by the government's gesture, though, given that he had become a wanted criminal after his prisonbreak and a shame in the public view.

Who is the Chief at the End of Luther the Fallen Sun

An entourage of government vehicles suddenly arrives, cutting off Luther's talk with Schenk. As Luther exits the safe house, one of the government employees exits the vehicle and approaches him. Luther receives praise from the government employee for his efforts in taking out Robey.

After that, he points Luther in the direction of a car and says that his superior, “The Chief,” wants to talk with Luther. But before Luther gets in the car and we get to meet The Chief, the movie stops.

The conclusion strongly suggests that The Chief is the head of a top-secret government organisation that works in secret. It is unlikely that Luther will be able to return to his position as a Detective Chief Inspector now that his reputation has been damaged in the public light and the former police officer has been painted as a criminal.

Hence, it appears that The Chief is presenting Luther with a path out of jail. The Chief may be attempting to enlist Luther to work as a spy for his government organisation. Moreover, Luther is forced to accept the employment offer. His propensity for breaking the law can be an asset to the government organisation. As a result, the conclusion of “Luther: The Fallen Sun” strongly implies that DCI John Luther will work as a spy in the future.

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