Who is Ryan Seacrest Dating? All About His Girlfriend Aubrey

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most well-known television hosts in the modern era. Before becoming a household name as the host of American Idol in 2002, he began his career hosting children's programs. He has also had a successful career as a television executive producer. Despite his enduring popularity, Ryan Seacrest is notoriously secretive about his personal life. Learn more about his dating history and current relationship status by continuing to read.

About Ryan Seacrest's Relationships

Ryan Seacrest may be an expert at juggling a highly public persona with a highly private life. Nevertheless, the TV personality has accumulated a respectable number of alleged relationships since he first came to public attention. Take a journey down memory lane with us as we recall Ryan Seacrest's most noteworthy girlfriends.

Who is Ryan Seacrest Dating?

Paige has been a model for several years. Her Instagram account indicates that she is presently represented by Genetics Model Management.

Who is Ryan Seacrest Dating? All About His Girlfriend Aubrey

Dick's Sporting Goods represented her first major modeling campaign. Paige uploaded photographs from the campaign on Facebook in August 2021 with the caption, “It means so a lot to have worked for a company founded in my hometown of Binghamton, New York. Examine it on the Internet, in stores, and in the DSG catalog.”

In May 2021, Seacrest and Paige were first sighted celebrating Memorial Day in the Hamptons, New York. In December 2021, Paige posted an Instagram photo of the two with the remark, “Rare.” “The highlight of 2021 was definitely meeting the most incredible man. I wish everyone in 2022 love, happiness, safety, and good health.”

Their Future Plans

In a December 2021 interview, Seacrest stated that he does desire children and that, since meeting Paige, he has been thinking more about the future. Seacrest revealed in the interview, “I begin to consider reserving specific parts of the month, year, and week for my personal life. I do wish to have children. But at my age, I haven't even taken that path, which is absurd. In the past year, I've come to realize that yes, I do want to do that… I desire to be accessible and present.”

Who is Ryan Seacrest Dating? All About His Girlfriend Aubrey

However, in August 2022, the American Idol presenter stated that he had no immediate plans to tie the knot. “I'm happy. I am content in the present “Seacrest stated on a Live with Kelly and Ryan episode. “I do not consider anything else. Why insist?” He continued, “I believe that having children at the correct moment would be wonderful.”

The opening of Halftime, Jennifer Lopez's documentary, marked the first time that Seacrest and Paige posed for photos together at a public event. The model donned a printed one-shoulder gown to follow Seacrest, who was dressed in a navy suit jacket with grey pants. In April, the couple attended the LACMA 2022 Collectors Committee Gala, but they did not pose for a photo.