Who is Ronald Flowers?: The Man Who Escaped Jeffrey Dahmer

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now available on Netflix. Although the series offered us a notion of how not to raise a child and the consequences of poor parenting, it also reveals the genuine victims, such as Ronald Flowers, whose traces are barely left behind in the world. It tells the story of the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and explores his motivations for committing such brutal killings.

Who is Ronald Flowers?

At the time, Ronald Flowers was an adult man who was caught and held captive by Jeffrey Dahmer, who managed to escape despite being very intoxicated. Since Dahmer’s primary target was men of the gay ethnicity, it is unnecessary to state that Ronald Flowers was gay and not much different from the other victims he murdered.

Who is Ronald Flowers?: The Man Who Escaped Jeffrey Dahmer

How did Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer Met?

When the incident occurred in the 1990s, Ronald Flowers resided in Lake County, Illinois. It may feel like a film plot when we recount the story, but in reality, it is not.

Ronald Flowers went to Milkauwee on April 2, 1988, to borrow a waterbed from a friend, but he ended up in an empty parking lot with a car that wouldn’t start. By that time, all of his buddies had left the scene, unwittingly setting the door for Dahmer to appear as an angel.

Dahmer merely donned a ‘good person mask and offered Ronald Flowers a ride in his automobile to his grandmother’s house, from which they could grab another car, drive it separately, and return to jump-start Flowers’ vehicle.

How Did Ronald Flowers Survive?

Flowers became unconscious after consuming the coffee to which Dahmer had increased the amount. On the hospital bed, he lay battered and powerless. When Flowers looked down, he discovered that his underwear was inside out, indicating that Dahmer, who was homosexual, had sexually exploited him at Dahmer’s house.

According to Flowers, he recalls Dahmer’s piercing gaze, as if he was expecting something to occur. Additionally, he recalled Dahmer’s final steps, after which Flowers attempted to crawl forward.

Who is Ronald Flowers?: The Man Who Escaped Jeffrey Dahmer

Shortly thereafter, Ronald Flowers informed authorities that Dahmer saved his life because his grandma knew he was present. If she had not been present, it would have taken even longer to identify and convict the notorious serial killer Dahmer. Noticing that Flowers reinforced his mistrust regardless of whether he was intoxicated, there was no doubt that he had been sexually abused when Flowers discovered blonde hair in his underwear.

However, Dahmer told the police that he had a consensual relationship with Ronald Flowers and rejected the allegations of sexual assault. Furthermore, the police were unable to discover any evidence from Dahmer’s home, therefore they were unable to determine what was alleged against Dahmer.

Where is Ronald Flowers Now?

In the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Ronald Flowers describes his time with the serial killer as “pure dread.” While Flowers was required to testify in court, he was employed as a counselor in Lake County. Flowers was adept at identifying indicators of mental illness and developmental impairments at the time, but Dahmer was a mastermind, and he left Flowers completely ignorant.

However, Flowers had no desire to be in the limelight because he preferred to live a normal and uncomplicated life. Flowers was uneasy speaking about the notorious killer, who had traumatized a number of victims, including himself. Since he was not prepared, we have no further knowledge regarding Flowers’ whereabouts, but we think he is living in his head.

What was the Police’s Involvement?

Initially, authorities were unconcerned about the case, but upon his insistence, they questioned Dahmer, who stated that they had only shared a few beers at his residence and no narcotics were used. Dahmer even claimed that Flowers requested he returns home, ultimately persuading him to agree. However, neither Dahmer nor Flowers were able to convince the police, as they were unable to find a solution due to the lack of proof.

Ronald Flowers In The Netflix Series

Ryan Murphy has contributed every additional component required for the documentary to feel complete. The relationship between Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer, therefore, addresses all of the important points.