Who is Riley in The Last of Us? How Did She Die?

The Last of Us is finally here, and the first episode was great for both fans of the games and people who had never played them before.

If you are new to this world after the end of the world, everything will be a surprise. Fans of the games, on the other hand, will have noticed hints at future stories that will likely be told in the first season, since we know it will tell the story of the first game.

One name from Ellie’s past was mentioned, which made fans happy but also made new viewers wonder if they missed a key part of the episode that explained everything.

So, we’re here to help you figure out who Riley is and why Ellie cares about her. Read on to find out everything about the last of us character Riley.

The Last of Us: Who is Riley?

Riley is an important part of Ellie’s childhood in the world of The Last of Us. She is Ellie’s best friend, someone she can trust to tell her secrets, and a possible love interest. In general, she is shown to be a little bit smarter and more proactive than Ellie. For example, she joins a group of activists called the Fireflies, while Ellie doesn’t.

Riley wasn’t in the original 2013 game, but fans have grown to love this character through spin-offs. She was first seen in the comic book series The Last of Us: American Dreams. In The Last of Us: Left Behind, which came out in 2014, she was shown on the big screen (where she was played by Yaani King).

Who is Riley

Storm Reid, who you might know from Euphoria or A Wrinkle in Time, has already been cast as Riley in The Last of Us TV show.

Fans think that the flashbacks from Left Behind could be woven into the Last of Us series because of promotional materials like the picture above, which shows Riley near a fairground carousel. Fans of Riley can be sure that the fact that she was mentioned in the first episode is a good sign.

How Did Riley Die?

Riley’s death from the cordyceps infection isn’t shown on screen, but it’s clear that she did pass away from it. She probably came back to life soon after being bitten, and Ellie had to kill her best friend because she couldn’t get sick.

Who is Riley

The Last of Us: Who Plays Riley?

Storm Reid plays Rile. She was first seen on screen in the drama 12 Years a Slave. Since then, she’s been in the horror movie The Invisible Man and the superhero movie The Suicide Squad. Next, she will be in The Nun 2.

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