Who Is Nick Kyrgios’s Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi?

Nick Kyrgios is the most extraordinarily skilled Australian tennis player, with legions of admirers across the world due to his dazzling playing ability. When Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend made their relationship public on January 2, 2023.

People were much more interested in his private personal life than in his obvious professional success. Nick Kyrgios has been in a long-term relationship with Costeen Hatzi, who is a tennis player. Therefore, immediately tell us more about his Girlfriend.

Who is Costeen Hatzi?

According to reports, Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi presently resides with her boyfriend Nick Kyrgios in Sydney, Australia. Australian Catholic University awarded Costeen Hatzi a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences in May 2021.

Costeen Hatzi was born on May 23, 2000, and she is now twenty-one years old. Costeen is one of the emerging stars of social media, and she has recently established herself as Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend. Costeen said on January 2, 2023, that she is in love with Nick Kyrgios and that they had been dating for some time.


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She even commented on Instagram about how unplanned their encounter was and how they embarked on a new adventure together. In 2022, the couple made the decision to move into a Sydney apartment together. She is rather active on social media and often posts videos of their living space, displaying interior ideas and restorations.

When the news of the relationship became public, Costeen Hatzi’s Instagram followers increased by 18,000. Since she exposed the truth about her dating life, she has a wonderful opportunity to increase her social media following, since it is not easy to get thousands of followers in a matter of weeks.

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Costeen Hatzi and Early Life and Education

Brisbane, Queensland, is the place of origin for the woman who won the heart of the successful tennis star Nick Kyrgios. Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend Costeen Hatzi was the oldest child of her Australian parents and graduated from the Australian Catholic University in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences.

Her little family consists of her father, mother, and brother. George Hatzipourganis, her younger brother, is a school-going student. Even though many specifics about her mother are unknown, her mother is likely in her fifties and is a working woman.

However, vital information about her father is unclear. During her high school years at a private institution, she was well acclaimed for her intellectual achievement.

Who Is Nick Kyrgios's Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi?

Nick Kyrgio And Costeen Hatzi Relationship

Prior to meeting Costeen, Nick Kyrgios had relationships with other tennis players Alja Tomljanovic and Anna Kalinskaya. In addition, his previous engagement with Chiara Passeri has ended, and he is now in a committed relationship with Costeen Hatzi, as revealed by Costeen’s Instagram post.

Their relationship began after his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi isolated Nick Kyrgios after he was diagnosed with covid-19. Consequently, as dramatic as it may seem, they had an altercation during their hotel quarantine in Australia.

The scenario escalated to the point that the police had to intervene, separate the parties, and lock them in separate rooms due to the intensity of their fight. After their traumatic meeting, they eventually fall in love.

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After all of this, Nick Kyrgios posted a stunning photo of an intense kiss on Costeen’s lips in January 2022, which resulted in a significant rise in Costeen’s Instagram followers.