Who is Maya Hawke Dating? Is She Straight or Gay?

Maya Hawke and musician Spencer Barnett began dating in February 2022, shortly after Maya’s brother Levon Hawke introduced them. Shortly after going public with their relationship, Maya and Spencer were photographed attending several red-carpet events and displaying significant PDAs in public. All of this demonstrates that they are definitely head over heels in love.

Though she doesn’t mind being photographed with her boyfriend in public, neither Maya nor Spencer has reached the point in their relationship where they publish a photo of themselves on Instagram. Spencer’s Instagram photo of Maya will have to suffice for now, but we’re confident that these crumbs will soon become a full meal.

Who Is Maya Hawke Dating?

When we investigate the personal life of Robin aka Maya Hawke, it has recently been rumored that she is in a relationship with the captivating musician Spencer Barnett.

Who is Maya Hawke Dating? Is She Straight or Gay?

The model is likely to be straight, unlike the stunning American actress Robin. Even though she portrays a lesbian in the Netflix series Do Revenge and Stranger Things, she is likely straight and interested in males, as she has been spotted dating guys.

Levan Hawke, the brother of Maya, introduced these two, and they attempted to conceal their relationship for quite some time. This pair has a four-year age difference and their family histories have certain similarities.

Spencer Barnett is an accomplished guitarist and the son of former Manhattan district attorney Sloan Barnett and Roger Barnett of Shaklee Corporation. Spencer’s life is dominated by music, and he enjoys a variety of genres, including indie, rock, and pop.

Who had Maya Hawke Dated before?

Numerous names have been paired with Maya Hawke’s name on the internet, where a variety of theories abound. Prior to gaining notoriety for her extraordinary performances, her dating life was under surveillance.

Late in 2019, it was believed that Maya Hawke and Gus Wenner, the CEO and President of Rolling Stone, were regulars on their social media accounts. But before it could become anything, the romance simply burned away.

Maya Hawke is not an open book and does not welcome further disclosure, but it was apparent throughout interviews for the promotion of her music CDs that she was profoundly affected by her breakup with Gus.

Back in June 2022, she created a collaborative Instagram reel with Noah Schnapp, yet rumors of their chemistry persist.


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In mid-2020, Maya Hawke’s name appeared beside that of actor Tom Sturridge. In December 2021, they were sighted wandering through the captivating streets of New York City.

Before being spotted together in New York City, the two were discovered wandering barefoot in Hampton. Tom Sturridge is Sienna Miller’s ex-boyfriend and the overwhelming star of The Sandman.

When their relationship became a topic of conversation, fans speculated whether or not they were still together, but neither of them ever confirmed or denied the reports.

When we examine the actress’s past relationships closely, we may discover that she has a preference for older men. Gus Wenner is eight years her senior, while Tom Sturridge and Maya share a thirteen-year age difference. Therefore, she is most likely interested in a much older male.