Who is Jung Kook? Relationship, Instagram and Much More!


South Korean singer and composer Jeon Jung-kook is better known by his stage name, Jungkook. He is the vocalist and youngest band member of the South Korean boy group BTS.

Keep checking back with us because we'll be telling you about Jung Kook‘s history of dating, his present relationship status, and much more.


Who is Jung Kook?

On September 1, 1997, Jeon Jung-kook was born in Busan, South Korea. His parents and his older brother make up his family. He went at Busan's Baekyang Elementary and Middle Schools.

When he was younger, Jungkook first wanted to be a badminton player, but after watching G-Dragon perform “Heartbreaker” on television, he changed his mind and decided he wanted to be a singer instead.


Who is Jung Kook?

He obtained his high school diploma from the School of Performing Arts Seoul in 2017. He made the decision to forego the CSATs, Korea's national university entrance exam, in November 2016. 

He graduated from the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department of Global Cyber University in March 2022. The President's Award, the highest accolade bestowed by the school, was given to him.

Is Jung Kook Currently Dating Someone?

After a “video” purportedly showing BTS member Jungkook and his girlfriend was leaked, enraging ARMY, it became the topic of romance speculations once more. Since the BTS members are all well known for keeping their love lives very discreet, ARMY has always been inquisitive about them.

On the other hand, a young ARMY made the decision to upload a video on her page in which she can be seen beside Jungkook, Golden Maknae of BTS. 

The young lady apparently asserts, in a studio or living room, that she has a friend who resembles the singer and may even be his twin, despite the fact that she cannot meet the true idol because he is in Korea and she is in America.

However, the ability to put Jungkook‘s face on another person can only be achieved through video editing, and the result is so convincing that many ARMYs bought into it. Others pointed out that the technique was clear after some people initially assumed it was a look-alike.

Relationship Rumors of Jung Kook 

Here are all the rumors about Jungkook‘s relationships, from those that began before his debut to those that ended after it. 

Rumors About Lee Mi-Joo

Lee Mi-Joo, a tattoo artist, was said to be dating BTS member Jungkook in 2019. When Jungkook visited the shop while on vacation, the tattoo artist was recorded on camera being hugged.

It appears that several ARMYs were upset over this and hated Lee Mi-Joo. Later, it was revealed that the tattoo artist is not dating Jungkook. She is actually merely one of Jungkook's close friends. She persisted in making hateful remarks, and even death threats.

There Are Rumors That Lisa From BLACKPINK  is Dating BTS's Jungkook

Due to certain dubious circumstances, Lisa from BLACKPINK is thought to be dating BTS's Jungkook. Lisa and Jungkook frequently drop indications that they may or may not be dating, despite the fact that this notion has not been confirmed.

Who is Jung Kook?

A BTS concert was once attended by Lisa‘s family members in Thailand with free tickets. People speculate that Jungkook may be the source of those tickets.

Lisa was also photographed in January 2022 wearing a sweater from Jungkook's brother's clothing company, which she shared on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, Lisa and Jungkook dropped hints by sharing the same symbol, which once more has people talking about their unassuming romance.

There Are Rumors That Twice's Nayeon is Dating BTS's Jungkook

When Jungkook and Nayeon both attended ISAC in 2016, relationship rumors between the two of them first surfaced. In a wrestling match, Nayeon was pitted against APINK's Hayoung, and Jungkook appeared to be quite concerned.

The allegations have intensified because Jungkook revealed that Nayeon, who is two years older than him, is one of the older girls he prefers. The agencies representing Nayeon and Jungkook have not made any public statements regarding their relationship, yet. Just let's wish the best for them both!

Park Se-won and Jungkook's Supposed Dating

Prior to his debut, there was talk of a romance between Jungkook and Park Se-won, a classmate. Additionally, other images that purported to show them as a couple became viral online.

Numerous sources claim that this is accurate, although Jungkook never really stood out in the kissing scene photo. Never has this information been verified. Later, it was discovered that the individual in the picture is not who he appears to be.

Dating Rumors Involving Jungkook and Minji

Additionally, there were rumors that Jungkook was dating Minji. It all started because Minji posted a selfie of Jungkook and her on her Twitter page. According to rumors, Jungkook was going to have his name, J, and Minji's name, M, tattooed on his body.

Jungkook and Jung Chae-yeon From the DIA

Because Jung Chae-yeon, a member of the K-pop girl group DIA, fits Jungkook's ideal description of a woman—particularly in terms of her excellent singing ability and long, dark hair—the dating rumors between the two began.

There are no additional indications that the two of them are a couple, though. Additionally, the agency avoided discussing this. So it would appear that the dating rumor is untrue.

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