Who is John Travolta Dating? See His Past Relationships Here!

With his charisma and attitude, the well-known actor John Travolta won over many hearts. People now want to know about John Travolta Dating in 2022. Do you want to know John Travolta Dating in 2022. This article will talk about John Travolta Dating in 2022. Continue reading the article for more information on John Travolta.

Who is John Travolta?

A musician and actor from the US is named John Travolta. He had a significant role in the sitcom Welcome back, Kotter when he began his career in the middle of the 1970s. The show premiered in 1975 and ran until 1979.

He began to show up in numerous films. Pulp Fiction from 1994, Get Shorty from 1995, Broken Arrow from 1996, Face Off from 1997, A Civil Action from 1998, and Primary Colors from 1998 are some of his well-known films. He remains one of the most paid actors in the business today.


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Who is John Travolta Dating in 2022?

In July of last year, John Travolta‘s wife Kelly passed away. Breast cancer contributed to her demise. After that, he doesn't get married. He isn't attached to anyone.

Despite the fact that many girls like him and want to go out with him, John doesn't want anyone in his life. Despite the fact that many of his friends want to live with him, he is not yet ready.

Not because he can't locate a suitable mate, though. He has the power to find, but he doesn't want to. His friends are trying to convince him to start anew with a new love. On the other hand, up until recently, actors were unable to get over their discomfort.

Who is the First Wife of John Travolta?

In 1976, John Travolta first met Diana Hyland, the love of his life. He and Diana instantly connected on a deep level when they first met on the Boy in a Plastic Bottle set. The friendship was regrettably short-lived because Diana passed away from breast cancer the following year.

For that brief period of time, their connection was so close-knit that many people—both fans and journalists—believed they had wed. Although John Travolta and Diana Hyland were together until her death in 1977, there is now no official record to support their marriage.

Who is the Second Wife of John Travolta?

John Travolta wed Kelly Preston in 1991, and he hasn't been with anybody else since she passed away from breast cancer in 2020. ‘

Who is John Travolta Dating?

There has been no word on the 68-year-old man's ambitions to find a new wife since his second marriage to Kelly Preston, who was also his last love interest. Or perhaps he just hasn't discovered love yet.

In a relationship that lasted over three decades, John Travolta was romantically involved with actress Kelly Preston.

Following their 1990 meeting, John and Kelly decided to get married the following year. Up to Kelly's diagnosis and death from breast cancer in 2020, they lived together as husband and wife. Despite the fact that their first son Jett was lost to seizures, they were still able to have three children.

In honor of his son Jett Travolta, who was rumored to be autistic, John Travolta founded a non-governmental organization helping kids with special needs following the passing of their son.

John Travolta hasn't been spotted dating anyone since his wife Kelly Preston passed away in 2020.

John Travolta's Past Relationships

John had a few on-and-off romances with a few Hollywood women between the time he lost the first love of his life to breast cancer and the time he met the second in 1990. None of those appeared to be successful.

John Travolta appeared to favor dating stars from the Hollywood sector among his many romantic interests. Nevertheless, some people surmise that it's because of the nature of his profession.

John Travolta began dating Catherine Deneuve, a French actress, in 1980. They were only together for about a year until they parted ways and he met Marilu Henner, another actress.

The whirlwind romance between Travolta and Henner ended abruptly in 1985. This signaled the brief pause in John's love life before he met the lady he would eventually date and spend 30 years with.

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