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Who is Javon Walton Dating?: How Long They Have Been Dating?

Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton is a renowned child actor and boxer for his extraordinary boxing skills. He is also a gymnast. He primarily utilizes Instagram to showcase his fashionable attire and modeling photos. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a Christian family on July 23, 2003. He has U.S. citizenship.

Javon Walton Age

Javon Walton, who was born on July 23, 2006, will be sixteen years old in 2022. Atlanta, Georgia native, raised in an established Christian home. He is a United States citizen and a fervent Christian. In the United States, he earned his high school graduation from a neighborhood school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is Javon Walton Dating?

Since his youth, he has been involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. Because he had always intended to box in the Junior Olympics, he began his online career at an early age.

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Who is Javon Walton dating?

A fan recently spotted the Euphoria star and the Dance Moms alum walking hand-in-hand at Jurassic World. Instantaneously, the video of the two of them went viral on TikTok according to hitc. In the video, Javon Walton and Coco Quinn can be seen walking hand in hand while having a fantastic time and paying little heed to their surroundings.

Who is Javon Walton Dating?

For their most recent outing, Javon and Coco wore casual attire. Javon was smart in a grey T-shirt with a pattern and blue jeans. Conversely, Quinn wore a white crop top and red tights. If you look attentively at their reaction in the video, it appears that they were neither anticipating nor expecting people to notice. They have not yet issued an official statement regarding the TikTok video.

Who is Coco Quinn? | Javon’s Girlfriend

Coco Quinn, a 14-year-old dancer who is best recognized for her debut on Dance Moms, will now be introduced to others who are uninformed. The individual is Jeannie Quinn’s daughter. She is Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn’s younger sister.

Who is Javon Walton Dating?

Coco is a professional singer, dancer, and actress. In the past few years, she has amassed a considerable social media following. She currently has 2,2 million Instagram followers. Her Instagram feed is loaded with breathtaking images of her. Do you like Coco and Javon together? Please indicate in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the newest updates from the entertainment industry.

The fan’s Response to Javon and Coco’s video

One person said, “If you are truly Javon’s “fans,” you should be thrilled for him. You’re attacking both him and Coco as if you control them or something. Ok, he mentioned he doesn’t date blondes or 08s, but don’t criticize him for doing the contrary. “Be glad for them if they’re happy together.”

Another Twitter user posted, “Look. I disagree with Javon and Coco’s relationship. I dislike coco and Javon, but it is not his fault that she practically threatens a fan to stop editing Javon’s profile. LIKE WTF THEIR FANS THEY CAN EDIT “WHO EVER” THEY WANT. IT’S NOT YOUR BIZ TO TELL THEM OTHERWISE!!!”

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Followed by a person who wrote, “The individuals who are envious of the images Javon and Coco took? Let them lead a comfortable life without interference.” A user said, “But Kylee, there’s this man who made a live Coco and Javon were holding hands and heading to Jurassic Park together. I’m not a hater, but there’s evidence, I guess.”


He is now unmarried and has never been married previously. Even though he has a vast, incredibly devoted fan base, he has never allowed anybody else to capture her heart. He is probably seeking the ideal companion, someone who will love and care for him. On the other hand, he may not wish to fall in love so that he can concentrate on his job and career.