Who is Iman Benson? About Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Club’

The Midnight Club is now ranked third among the top ten TV shows on Netflix for the United States, one week after its premiere. Iman Benson, the series’ star, is still experiencing the high of release week, but as things start to wind down, she says she feels “content” overall.

Iman portrays Ilonka, a brilliant and driven valedictorian who is 17 years old and whose hopes to attend Stanford University are thwarted by deadly thyroid cancer.

After the premiere of the television show The Midnight Club, many people became interested in Iman Benson’s personal life. You shouldn’t worry, though, since we’ll provide you all the information we can about her.

Who is Iman Benson?

The 22-year-old performer has appeared in popular television programmes like Suits and BlackAF, but in the currently airing Netflix film The Midnight Club, she gives her first truly ground-breaking performance.

The popular new series was adapted for the big screen by Mike Flanagan and is based on Christopher Pike’s YA novel of the same name. Yes, the same person who was responsible for Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and The Haunting of Hill House. His specialty is making series that are both moving and spooky, and The Midnight Club more than meets both criteria.

Being able to discern your life’s purpose as a child requires a certain level of wisdom. To then make that happen requires further effort. But when you see Iman Benson on television, it’s so obvious that even at the little age of nine, she already knew what it was that she was supposed to do.


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About Netflix’s “The Midnight Club”

Benson is a scream queen. The Midnight Club is a break from her family sitcoms. It’s a youthful, genre-jumping departure from creator Mike Flanagan’s prior horror series.

“The terror is comparable, but I think viewers will find it extremely unique and different,” Benson says. “Eight terminally ill teens in the ’90s enter imaginative universes”

Igby Rigney and Annarah Cymone from Midnight Mass are in Midnight Club. Eight cancer patients at Brightcliffe Hospice form a scary club to share ghost stories. The show is based on Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel of the same name, as well as his previous writings.

Who is Iman Benson?

The eight adolescents’ horrific stories pale in comparison to the eerie mystery surrounding them as they learn Brightcliffe’s mysteries. Benson says The Midnight Club contains “so many small Easter eggs” that hint at the series’ major mystery. Benson advocates keeping your eyes alert and rewatching.

Benson doesn’t want to leave this phantom world. Benson thinks The Midnight Club Season 2 may work, despite Flanagan’s Haunting series being an anthology. She says, “I’d love to continue our stories organically and introduce new ones.” If she takes on a new Flanagan part, she hopes it’ll be something gorier, “sort of like Samantha‘s in Midnight Mass,” she says. “I like her part.”

Benson is ready for Halloween after hunting ghosts and investigating cults. She shares her Halloween must-watch, costume preparations, and more.

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