Who is Georgie in Heartland?

Heartland debuted on CBC in 2007, and Alisha Newton made her television debut in the role of Georgie Fleming Morris in 2012. Newton has matured since joining the cast of the programme, and in season 13, her character Georgie completes high school.

She received numerous Young Artist and Joey Awards. In the show, Lou and Peter‘s adopted daughter Georgie was an orphan when she was three years old. She is a natural equestrian and tomboy.

Georgie struggled to balance education, ranch living, and trick riding, but she rapidly adapted to ranch life. If you're interested in learning more, keep reading this post as we discuss Georgie from Heartland in real life.

Early Life and Career of Georgie From Heartland

Alisha Newton, a Vancouver native, started modelling at the age of four and acting at the age of eight. Newton portrayed Young Annabeth Chase in Twentieth Century Fox's Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, which was released after 2013.

Alisha has been riding since she was two years old and is a passionate rider with a special love for horses. She therefore found it easy to adjust to her position at Heartland.


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She presently owns the horses Aflame and Diva. In 2015, the young actress, who is now 10 years old, attended an audition for the part of Georgie. Therefore, it was enjoyable to watch her mature both on Heartland and in real life.

On the CBC drama series Heartland, Newton has been a series regular since 2012. She plays Georgie Fleming Morris, a young girl who is adopted by Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston), along with his granddaughters Amy (Amber Marshall) and her sister Lou, at Heartland Ranch (Michelle Morgan).

Newton portrayed Sofia Dunlap in the supporting role in the 2014 movie The Tree That Saved Christmas.

Alisha Newton Believes the Show “Has Helped” Her Learn How to Ride Horses?

Georgie becomes a skilled show jumper after appearing on Heartland, and she sets herself the aim of competing in the Olympics. Newton had her own horses and found time to compete at the time of her interview.

“Riding is now a means of escape. I can just relax at the barn on my own leisure. Compared to my hectic days on set, it's a lot more tranquil here. Riding has grown to be crucial to my mental health, Newton told.

It's challenging to have competitive goals when I'm working nonstop, she continued. My only objective is to continue riding as long as I can, and Heartland has enabled me to do so. I'm quite appreciative of that. As a hobby, I simply like riding, and I make an effort to not take it as seriously as I do other aspects of my life.

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Like Her “Heartland” Character, Alisha Newton Adores Horses

The main emphasis of Heartland is Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) and her innate talent with horses. On the farm owned by her family, Heartland Ranch, Amy uses natural horsemanship to help traumatized horses recover.

However, Georgie also has a special bond with horses, so she is not the only family member who is drawn to them. Newton revealed to Heels Down Mag that her character and she both share a passion for horses.

The actor told, “We're quite similar in how she is now, even though I'm not as tomboyish as her. “I have become much more tolerant and bolder while working with horses as a result of playing Georgie. I'm not sure if she has any of my characteristics, possibly my tenacity.

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