Who is David in the Last of Us Episode 8- a Friend or a Foe? Let’s Check!

In The Last of Us episode 8, David and his group are introduced to the story. They are a new group of bad guys for the next-to-last episode of the HBO adaptation. After episodes 6 and 7 of The Last of Us focused on Ellie’s attempts to save Joel’s life after he was hurt, episode 8 picks up the pace with a lot of action. A lot of the action and tension come from how Joel and Ellie are affected by David’s community.

Given that Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, was severely hurt at the end of The Last of Us episode 6, Ellie initially thinks that David is a blessing in disguise. The man offers to trade a deer that Ellie shot for some Penicillin to treat Joel’s infected wound. In The Last of Us episode 7, Ellie tries to save Joel, but all she did was stop him from bleeding out. The trade deal, which seemed too good to be true, soon went bad when David’s true intentions and dark nature became clear.

Who is David in real- a friend or a foe? Let’s dive into the article to find the answers!

Who is David In The Last of Us?

In The Last of Us episode 8, before David (Scott Shepherd) and his group are shown to be the real bad guys, David is shown as a preacher chosen to lead a religious group. Even though David’s followers don’t seem to be religious at first glance, David later says that they just needed someone to lead them, which he and God can do.

David gives sermons on a regular basis. In the community room, there is a sign that says, “When we are in need, He will provide.” This is the name of The Last of Us episode 8, which is called “When We Are in Need.”

Who is David

In The Last of Us season 1, episode 8, he was not always religious. This is an interesting part of David’s past. David says that he was a teacher before the outbreak, even though he was a preacher for his community. He says that he used to teach math to kids about Ellie‘s age.

David says that after the outbreak, he was at first in the Pittsburgh quarantine zone. This is a cool Easter egg for the original The Last of Us game since Henry and Sam’s story takes place in Pittsburgh. David says that after the Pittsburgh QZ fell, he and a group of people left and started looking for more people. They didn’t stay in one place for too long because that would have attracted raiders. Instead, they moved around a lot until they settled in the town shown in the episode.

David’s Group In The Last Of Us Episode 8 Are Cannibals

If you haven’t played the first The Last of Us game, you might find out that David and his group eat people. The Last of Us episode 8 shows, though, that only a small number of people in the community know about this. In a small change from the first The Last of Us game, the others are kept in the dark and told they eat meats like deer and rabbit. In The Last of Us, episode 8, David’s cannibalism is revealed, but there were some hints about this earlier.

In the first scene with David’s crew, a young girl asks when they will bury her father, who Joel killed in The Last of Us episode 6. After giving James a look, David says that it’s too cold to dig, so they’ll bury him in the spring. This is a clear hint that they won’t bury him. Instead, the girl’s father will be fed to the people in the community, who are hungry, as “game meat.” When James doesn’t want to eat the meat, that shows he knows what it is.

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