Who is Dating Taylor Tomlinson?: is She Still With Her Ex-boyfriend?

Taylor Tomlinson’s stand-up specials, Quarter-Life Crisis and Look At You, have earned her widespread acclaim. These two are Netflix originals. It consists of mental health, specifically depression and bipolar disorder. Taylor Tomlinson reached the Top 10 of Season 9 of Last Comic Standing in 2015. In addition to this, she has been on The Tonight Show. In addition, she launched her podcast, Sad in the City, in the past year.

Given Taylor Tomlinson’s variety in the area of comedy, people are currently anxious to hear if anyone has made her laugh romantically. Regarding her personal life, she has always been a transparent individual. With her purported ex-fiancé, Sam Morril, she has created countless headlines. This has led fans to question Taylor’s present dating status. What is happening between them? Let’s investigate who Taylor Tomlinson is dating in this article.

Who is Dating Taylor Tomlinson?

Regarding her romantic interests, Taylor Tomlinson is not in a relationship and is possibly single. In addition, her relationship with Sam Morril remains uncertain. Neither of them has commented on the rumors of their breakup. Thus, it is uncertain whether they are still together.

As soon as the lockdown was lifted, she returned to her business, specifically stand-up comedy. She seems to be concentrating more on her comedy special tours and podcasts. In recent days, she has not been spotted with any new male, who admirers may suspect or who is mysterious. Thus, it is highly probable that Taylor is currently done with love relationships and is looking forward to producing wonderful works and making people laugh.

Who is Dating Taylor Tomlinson?: is She Still With Her Ex-boyfriend?

Returning to their romance, Taylor Tomlinson previously disclosed that the breakup of their engagement has caused her to get bipolar disorder. As previously stated, little is known about their present relationship status; we wonder if they are still together.

However, if questioned, Taylor Tomlinson has always commended Sam Morril. It is hoped that they remain together, and an official statement from any of them would be very appreciated. Best wishes for the approaching days of Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril’s lives!

The Story of Taylor’s life

Taylor was born and raised in Orange County, California. She spent her upbringing in a conservative Christian home in California, where she grew up. She initially becomes involved with comedy acts through a local church. Her father paid for her to attend a stand-up comedy workshop given by a family acquaintance when she was 16 years old. She had no concept of what was humorous or how to make others laugh back then. However, her natural comedic instincts and abilities were never questioned.

Who is Dating Taylor Tomlinson?: is She Still With Her Ex-boyfriend?

By making fun of her body, she began to make fun of herself and the people she cared about. By age 16, she had received accolades for her stand-up comedy in church and had learned some of her routines from a family friend of her father.

Taylor’s Ex-boyfriend Sam Morril

Sam Morril, like Taylor Tomlinson, is a stand-up comedian. He was born in the Massachusetts city of Chelsea, although he grew up in New City. However, he has also appeared in numerous films and television shows. He has also written for and produced numerous films. CC.

He is now 35 years old. He adopted the surname of his stepfather, Mark Charles Morril. Morril’s biological father is an Elgort, and he is related to the West Side Story actor Ansel Elgort. His mother, Marilyn Greenberg, is a painter and a fiction writer.

Who is Dating Taylor Tomlinson?: is She Still With Her Ex-boyfriend?

After rising through the ranks of the New York comedy industry, Morril received his big break when he was granted an internship on The Colbert Report. He has appeared on late-night comedy shows such as Conan and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert since 2014.

Are Taylor and Sam Morril Still Together?

Taylor Tomlinson appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers in August 2021. She discussed her career as a stand-up comic as well as the men she had dated. She did not use Sam Morril’s name, but the manner she presented the story gave the impression that they were still together.

Tomlinson laughs, “My guy was born and bred in Manhattan, which I consider being quite abusive.” And because he was raised in New York, he is unable to drive… He could travel, but because he says, “I’m from New York,” he does not.

Taylor’s Net Worth

As of September 2022. According to networth and salary Taylor Tomilson’s estimated net worth is approximately $3 million. She earns the majority of her income through comedy and entertaining others. The total amount of money she earns from her several television projects is close to $1 million.

She rarely discussed how much she spent on good items on Instagram. Her net worth is the total of all of her assets plus the balance in her bank account. Even though she is wealthy, she decides to continue living.