Who is Bianca Rodrigues? Everything About Luke Grimes Wife


Have you previously encountered the name, Bianca Rodrigues? Well, we can understand. Despite the fact that her name may not strike a bell, you must be familiar with Luke Grimes, right? Therefore, let's discuss their swoon-worthy romance today.

Where are Yellowstone enthusiasts? Bianca Rodrigues is the initial wife of your Kayce Dutton. Grimes has been able to keep his personal life private despite his considerable fame. This is one of the primary reasons why you were unable to recognize his wife by name.


Who Is Bianca Rodrigues?

Although you may now assume who she is based on her name (because it ends in Grimes), you should still be aware of her identity. It is not always advised to refer to a person in reference to another. We are here to clarify that Bianca Rodrigues is not Bianca Rodriguez Grimes, as this is regarded by many as a form of disrespect.


The Brazilian model Bianca Rodriguez was born on August 9, 1996. She resided in Brazil before establishing her modeling career in the United States. Luke, her husband, is an American actor best known for his roles in American Sniper and the Fifty Shades franchise.

This ruggedly attractive heartthrob's latest performance as Kayce Dutton in Yellowstone has propelled him to the next level. Although he is quite well-known, the couple has only made sporadic appearances on social media, and they are cautious about what they share on such platforms.

She is a Brazilian model

However, she does not now reside in Brazil. Bianca is a native of Brazil. It is evident from her Instagram profile that she is passionate about modeling. It offers a variety of photographs that are ample evidence that she is a model.

Since 2016, she has been focusing more on her career, as evidenced by photos of her posing for various themes, including one on the beach in a bikini and another in a studio depicting vintage Hollywood elegance.

She Esteems Canadian Singer-Songwriter Colter Wall

Not just Bianca, but also the 38-year-old actor likes Canadian musician Colter Wall. Luke discussed the duo's musical ambitions and desires in an interview, as well as the tunes they listened to at home. It was clear from their statements that the two were Colter Wall devotees.

Colter's LPs are positioned directly next to their record player system, according to Luke. In July 2021, Bianca published to social media a photo of herself and Wall on what seems to be a Whitefish, Montana property. She wrote in the photo's caption that she was pleased to meet him and that he was a straightforward individual.

In 2019, She disclosed her Relationship with Luke Grimes.

In 2019, Bianca posted her first Instagram photo with Grimes. She captioned the photo with a red heart emoji and the caption stated that they were about to kiss. Approximately two weeks later, she shot another photograph of the pair posing in a desert while wearing goggles and bandanas. Bianca added the caption “Burn, baby, burn.”

Who is Bianca Rodrigues? Everything About Luke Grimes Wife

Bianca Rodriguez and Luke Grimes are married for 4 Years

On November 21, 2018, the amazing actor and Bianca Rodrigues tied the wedding. Monday was the fourth anniversary of the couple's union. Bianca has posted the most anniversary tributes on her Instagram account.

Last year, she shot a black-and-white photograph of them sitting on the beach and wrote about how fortunate she is to have him. In November of 2020, Bianca shared a photo that appeared to have been taken on their wedding day. In the photograph, she wore a beautiful white dress, while he sported a casual white shirt.

She appears to be living a happy life with the Fifty Shades of Gray actor, but they have not yet decided to have children. Although they barely appear a handful of times on Instagram, Bianca is frequently observed calling her husband “anjo,” which is Portuguese for “angel.”