Who is Alexis Wright? Know the Real Story Behind Lifetime’s ‘let’s Get Physical’!


Based on true events that startled the world, Lifetime has produced some highly intriguing thrillers. Let's Get Physical, the network's most recent offering, is also based on real events.

Lifetime, like its rival streaming services Netflix and Hulu, isn't afraid to tackle true-crime stories on screen, including those of Casey Anthony and JonBenét Ramsey.


With the upcoming film “Let's Get Physical,” a tale that is as odd and improbable as it is true, the network is once more experimenting with the genre. The main character of the film, Sadie, played by Jenna Dewan, is about a lady who runs a prostitution business while also teaching dance.

Today, we'll discuss about Alexis Wright and the numerous facets of her life. So stick around till the finish.

Who is Alexis Wright?


The world was startled when Alexis, a Zumba teacher located in Kennebunk, Maine, amassed a staggering $150,000 from her illicit prostitution ring.

According to a story, Wright lives in Maine. Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham, where she had graduated in 2001.

Who Is Alexis Wright?

She gave birth to her son in May 2005. Alexis and the father of her child's child split up not long after Alexis gave birth.

She received her diploma from Lewiston-Auburn College of the University of Southern Maine in 2010. Later, she made the decision to launch Pura Vida, a Zumba studio.

She established the studio in Kennebunk, a sleepy little town famous for being the Bush family's estate. She later married her lover Jason Trowbridge in 2012.

How Did She Begin Her Business of Prostitution?

She leased a 2,500 square foot location in a small strip mall between a pizzeria and a nail shop to operate her Zumba studio. Additionally, she hired a different room for her second company, Sensual Body Work by Lydia, a message service.

Wright said she would be able to supplement her income with her second business. According to sources, even though Wright appeared to be busy during the day managing her dancing studio, she was actually operating a covert prostitution operation out of her two rented offices.

Numerous customers came to her covert shop from all over Kennebunk. Residents of the town soon began to notice peculiar occurrences, such as clients showing up at the shop at unexpected times.

What Was the Allegations on Her?

Even some people claimed to have heard groans and moans coming from her studios. One of her landlords was shocked to discover Alexis was filming pornographic material from the leased space when he looked her up online.

He contacted the police as a result of the incident. The detectives searched Alexis‘ home and workplace on February 14th, 2012. When the police realized how thoroughly Alexis kept track of her business, they were astounded.

All of her clients' identities and the specific sexual favors she performed on them, together with what she did and how much she charged for it, were all recorded by her.

She had secretly videotaped the act without telling her clients. In more than a year and a half, the investigators calculated that she had made somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 for her services.

She had an accomplice, Mark Strong, a 57-year-old insurance salesman and private investigator, who was uncovered by the police during an investigation.

In March 2013, Alexis Wright was found guilty on 14 counts of prostitution-related offences, one count of prostitution-related promotion, and two counts each of theft by deceit and state income tax evasion.

She was later given a 10-month prison term. She was also required to pay a $1,000 fine as well as $57,000 in reparations.

She admitted to the court during her sentencing that her business partner Strong, for whom she recorded videos of her clients, had misled her.

Where is Alexis Wright Now?

After that, Strong was found guilty on 12 counts of encouraging prostitution and one count of conspiring to encourage prostitution. He received a 20-day jail term.

Due to her exemplary behavior, Alexis was granted early release from prison in early November 2013 after serving six of her ten-month term.

Alex adopted the name Alexis Sandra Trowbridge after leaving prison. Her whereabouts right now remain unclear.

About Lifetime's “Let's Get Physical”

The media has covered this scandal extensively. Although Lifetime is now offering us a series, her story has already been featured on television before.

In 2013, TLC published a documentary titled “Sex, Lies & Zumba” that described her life in full. The first episode of “Let's Get Physical” debuted on Lifetime on Saturday, October 15.

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