Who Founded Cult-favorite Non-alcoholic Aperitif?

A celebration or party without champagne or another alcoholic beverage is inconceivable to many people. But alcohol use is not everyone's cup of tea. Due to societal standards and peer pressure, avoiding alcohol on social occasions is likely to elicit several awkward questions and raised eyebrows. Melanie Masarin's exhaustion with explaining why she didn't drink and, more crucially, with locating the ideal non-alcoholic beverage prompted her to establish Ghia.

Ghia is a non-alcoholic Mediterranean-inspired aperitif. This beverage made entirely of botanical extracts and devoid of alcohol and added sugar, will revolutionize your drinking and socializing habits. In the upcoming episode 4 of ‘Shark Tank Season 14, Melanie will pitch her distinctive brand to Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec. While we wait to see how the Sharks react to this alcohol-free beverage, you can discover more about Ghia and its founder, Melanie.

What is the Meaning of Ghia?

Ghia is the place to go if you prefer life over a drink. Ghia is a Mediterranean non-alcoholic aperitif. We'll define aperitif for you. Apéritifs stimulate the taste buds before a meal. Bitter and herbal are common flavors in this broad group.

Who Founded Cult-favorite Non-alcoholic Aperitif?

“We cut drinks and fakes but kept the attitude. Pure ingredients, a stinging blend of plant extracts, and no alcohol bring out your finest without numbing the night (or morning).” The webpage says so. Ghia contains extracts from the world's top botanicals.

Key ingredients include nervines, used for millennia to alleviate stress and boost energy. Plants, fruits, and roots complement each other. Ghia relaxes, stimulates, and comforts. Ghia contains nourishing nervines, aromatic florals, and zesty citrus. Ghia contains no additives. Kosher, caffeine-free, vegan, gluten-free! Ghia can be drunk straight or used as a cocktail mixer.

Who is Ghia's Founder?

Ghia founder Melanie Masarin. Melanie became a Goldman Sachs financial analyst after graduating from Brown University in 2011. She was Creative Director and head of Marketing at Dig Inn for two years before joining Glosser. Melanie managed Glossier's offline and experiential marketing.

Who Founded Cult-favorite Non-alcoholic Aperitif?

Melanie created Ghia after realizing there was no non-alcoholic drink to celebrate with. Melanie described Ghia on its website. “Growing up near the Mediterranean, Aperitivo was a way of life. My mother and grandmother made limoncello from freshly-picked lemons, which we drank all night (and sometimes morning) till autumn.”

“These memories and drinking in general transport you to a world of simple pleasures. Unification is key. Connecting. Releasing. Laughing. Wonderful music and people. We wanted to make a cocktail that would convey you there without numbing the night “said “GHIA is a modern spirit-free apéritif. It's a call to relax, enjoy the sunset, and spend time with family.” She explained.

Where to Purchase Ghia?

Ghia also developed a non-alcoholic spritzer, puzzles, and a hazelnut spread with olive oil. You may buy these things through the brand's website, Amazon, or 750 pubs and supermarkets. The website lists all stores.

A bottle of aperitif costs $38, and 12 spritzers cost $75. The $60 First-Sip bundle includes Ghia's most popular goods. Each bottle of Ghia comes with a full recipe book. Ghia has cult supporters despite its high price. Customer review on the brand's website: “I love this non-alcoholic aperitif, bitter, mixer, etc. When I told Ghia's biggest competitor that their drink didn't compare to Ghia's, they were not happy. This is my last upgrade.”

Where is Ghia Currently?

Forbes reports that since Ghia's inception in June 2020, the brand has expanded to over 350 outlets and become a bar-cart fixture in households across the nation in less than a year. In addition, the company's customer base increased by 40% during Dry January and has maintained a 35% customer retention rate since then. Le Seltzer has sold over 100,000 cans since its April 2021 debut!