Who Earns More on Onlyfans, Denise Richards or Her Daughter Sami Sheen?

Denise Richards and Erika Jayne’s drama on Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was one of the most dramatic. The XXPEN$IVE artist struck a “low blow” in episode 9, which aired in December 2023, when he questioned the Wild Things actress about her OnlyFans “profitability” in comparison to her daughter Sami Sheen, whose father Charlie Sheen had previously voiced reservations about her risqué profession.

Denise joined OnlyFans despite receiving criticism from a Hollywood director for recording a suggestive sequence. She stated, “As a woman in this industry who has also done sexy roles, I thought, ‘I am going to do it too.” I’m not bothered.”

She stated that it was “important as a woman to do and not make decisions on being judged on what other people may think or say.” Here is what she has spoken regarding her decision to join the platform in support of her daughter.

Denise Richards Earns More Money On OnlyFans Than Her Daughter Sami Sheen

On OnlyFans, Denise is said to make more money than Sami. The 53-year-old reality actress makes $2 million a month on the app, compared to her daughter’s $80,000 monthly average. “I do bikini, I do lingerie,” the former Starship Troopers member remarked in response to a question about what subscribers see on her website. I act in sexier ways because I also reason, “Why not?” Since “tush” photos “are already out there, if you Google,” she also posts them.

In June 2022, Denise became a member of OnlyFans, a few days later Sami did as well. The mother of three stated at the time, “I didn’t think it was really fair, so I wanted to join because she got so much backlash for that.”

Sami gained attention when she referred to herself as a “sex worker” a year after making her OnlyFans debut. She expounded on her status as “not a [adult] star” and stated on TikTok that she doesn’t “meet up with people” or “film myself having sex.” That’s not what I do.

She clarified that “the only reason I said I’m a [sex] worker is because my main source of income is from my [OnlyFans],” even if she has “no judgment” towards those who do. Additionally, people would learn that there are other kinds of [sex] work if they conducted their own investigation.”

Denise stated in December 2022 that she avoids Sami’s OnlyFans page in order to build her reputation independently of her parents’ notoriety. I avoid visiting my daughter’s page. She maintains it pretty tasteful, from what I’ve been told,” the actress remarked. In fact, she views the endeavor as her daughter’s means of self-discovery and expression.

Regarding parenting her children in the spotlight, Denise remarked, “Whether it is OnlyFans or any social media, I encourage my daughters to block out the noise and to not read a lot of stuff.” “As an adult woman with as much experience in this field as I have, I find it difficult to ignore negativity. It’s really difficult for them at their age.”

Denise Richards Was Shocked by Erika Jayne’s Comment About Her Daughter Sami Sheen’s Onlyfans

Denise Richards

On the ninth episode of RHOBH season 13, Erika and Denise got into a heated argument over the former’s and her daughter’s OnlyFans. It all began when the Crazy singer was 14 and the Good Advice star confronted her about her “inappropriate” comments about Sami supposedly not understanding “threesomes.”

Erika said she was sorry, then blurted, “Okay, your oldest daughter is on OnlyFans. Is she unaware of the definition of a threesome?

The group was taken aback. The singer went on, “You came in slurring, inarticulate, could not string two words together, and wanted to call me a b—h,” alluding to the Valentine actress’ outbursts from earlier in the season.

She acknowledged the “low blow” and asked, “You want me to sit here and pretend like it didn’t happen?” Do you believe that I won’t be visiting OnlyFans? I won’t sink to the lowest possible level? Do you know who I am? Erika proceeded to query Denise:

“It seems fantastic! All I want to know is, who makes more money? Either you or Sami.”

Denise said to Andy Cohen in March that she “didn’t understand” why Erika would make such remarks about her daughter and the kids of Garcelle Beauvais. “I didn’t comprehend some of the things [Erika] said regarding my kids and Garcelle’s kids. However, it is forbidden that you discuss her son,” she stated on Watch What Happens Live. “It’s just unbelievable to me that she wouldn’t even understand why I’d be upset.”

Erika’s “son is a grown man, and Sami was a minor [when Erika made the threesome joke],” the Drop Dead Gorgeous actress remarked. The Pretty Mess hitmaker said to Andy in January that Denise “pushed hard” at her even though she “did not want to” bring the mother-daughter’s OnlyFans.

Erika responded to her OnlyFans jab at Denise and Sami, saying, “That’s really the truth, and that’s the answer: I did not want to do this.” “I truly meant it when I said I didn’t want to go there. However, you can obtain it if you so choose.

Once Sami Sheen Purchased a Car, Denise Richards Said Charlie Sheen Accepted Her as Their Only Fan

Charlie admitted to having an instinctive reaction when his daughter Sami joined OnlyFans. “I had an immediate, gut reaction because of the platform’s reputation. My initial thought was, ‘This can’t end well,'” he shared with Bustle in October 2023. “This response was contrary to how I usually handle things, but when it involves your child, it presents a completely different set of circumstances.”

Now, the former Two and a Half Men star supports his daughter’s “success” on the platform. “She’s doing this, and it will be a much more successful and pleasant experience with the support from me, her mom, and others,” he said. “I have to have confidence and trust that all her virtues and the wonderful qualities that define her accompany her. I believe she is incorruptible.”

Denise stated on the Just B podcast with Bethenny Frankel that Charlie’s opinion of Sami’s OnlyFans profession was altered “when she bought a Mercedes and moved into a house.”

Sami stated, “I’ve never felt more confident in my body,” in the same Bustle piece. I believe that’s because my subscribers are the greatest. She did, however, acknowledge that she wished to have breast augmentations like her mother.

The content creator reminisced, “I can’t wait to have big boobs like my mom.” She was eleven years old at the time. “I was like, ‘OK, when’s my turn?’ because all of my pals were getting boobs. I used to constantly push socks and other items into my bra.”

As she did when she was 19, Denise counseled her daughter against getting a breast job. As a teenager, I was teased because people thought my breasts looked like mosquito bites. The actress, who intended to get her implants removed, stated, “I had them done at the same age that Sami wants to get them done.” “I’m trying to talk her out of it because, when I was 19, I had no idea how toxic [they are], which is why I’m getting them out.” It’s also a difficult surgery. It hurts!”


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