Who Designed ‘the Fiend’ Chilling Mask of Bray Wyatt?

Bray Wyatt has collaborated with horror special effects legend Tom Savini and his production team for years, contributing to The Firefly Fun House and The Fiend’s distinctive visual style. Wyatt returned to WWE television on Sunday at Fastlane, donning an entirely new appearance for The Fiend after Randy Orton torched his body on fire at TLC.

“This individual is… what’s the old adage? The thin line separating genius and insanity? And he continuously treads this razor’s edge “Baker stated. “Very, very clever. He is more intelligent than many people give him credit for. Excellent to work with. You believe you’re going to throw him one suggestion, but he returns with eight.

Who Designed 'the Fiend' Chilling Mask of Bray Wyatt?

You believe you’re going to hit him with a piece of insignificant knowledge, but he will immediately counterattack. After observing your trivial knowledge, he will promote you. He is a unique, unique human being. It has been an incredible pleasure and an honor to be able to engage with this gentleman, who puts so much consideration into his craft.”

Callosum Studio, which is mostly formed by Jason Baker and Tom Savini, designed the eerie mask. They are also responsible for the many looks of Bray Wyatt’s new mask and the Firefly Funhouse characters in Extreme Rules. Among their noteworthy clients are The Misfits, Slipknot, and Lady Gaga, among others. They also worked on the latest horror film Black Phone, which explains why Wyatt’s new mask is so similar to the one in the film.

Another Person Created one of Bray Wyatt’s mask

The Fiend returned to action in March 2021 after being burned to death by Randy Orton at TLC 2020. The former Universal Champion returned sporting a charred and hideous mask.

Who Designed 'the Fiend' Chilling Mask of Bray Wyatt?

It turns out that the mask could become more frightening. Kyle A. Scarborough, a tattoo artist, revealed the initial concept for the mask and expressed his belief that it would be utilized. He added, however, that the final mask was created by WWE’s in-house crew.

Despite the fact that Bray appears to have returned with a new mask, his personality remains dark and unknown. With the potential arrival of further Firefly Funhouse characters, it appears that viewers will only be exposed to more sinister artwork.