Let’s Find Out Who Are Angela Lansbury’s Kids?

Angela Lansbury, an acclaimed British performer who appeared in the long-running television series “Murder, She Wrote” and the Broadway musicals “Gypsy” and “Mame,” passed away on October 11, 2022, at the age of 96. The saga has a career filled with breakthrough parts, which resulted in extraordinary acclaim.

Who are Angela Lansbury’s Children?

Angela Lansbury‘s children are saddened by the news of their mother’s passing, who passed away peacefully in her sleep at their Los Angeles home at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

In addition to her three children, Deidre, Anthony, and Peter, Angela has three grandchildren, Katherine, Ian, and Peter, as well as five great-grandchildren and a brother, Edgar Lansbury, according to a statement by Closer Weekly. There will be a private ceremony, but the date has not yet been chosen.

Let's Find Out Who Are Angela Lansbury's Kids?

She maintained a balance between her job and parenting her two children, Anthony Shaw and Deirdre Shaw, with her second husband, Peter Shaw, during her era. Peter also has a third child, David Shaw, from a previous relationship, whom Angela regards to be her own.

Angela, who was born in 1925, began her theatrical career in the 1940s before transitioning to film. Angela confirmed her participation in the 1944 picture Gaslight. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress that year. From that point forward, her career was blessed with laurels upon plaudits.

Angela wed Richard Cromwell, her first husband, in 1945, but they divorced the following year and had no children. In 1949, the “Broadway” star married Peter and welcomed his son, David, into her life with open arms. Soon after, the couple welcomed their first child, Anthony. Their daughter Deidre was born in 1953.

Angela’s motherhood did not prevent her from landing roles in films such as Hot Summer, The Long, and Life at Stake. During the following decade, she demonstrated that her career and notoriety were her top concerns.

David Shaw

David Charles Shaw, age 78, is the stepson of Angela Lansbury whom Peter had from a previous relationship with Mercia Squires. When his father married Angela, David was just 5 years old. Although he was not her biological child, she regarded him as such until her death. In 2019, David told Closer exclusively, “She is a beautiful woman. She didn’t even have to accept my presence. It was unquestionably an excellent decision. She always prioritizes her family.”

Let's Find Out Who Are Angela Lansbury's Kids?

Returning to David, he follows in his father Peter’s footsteps by becoming president of Collymore Productions, which Peter founded in 1987. Collymore Productions was responsible for producing Angela’s CBC sitcom, ‘Murder, She Wrote. A decade later, under David’s leadership, the business signed a huge agreement with Universal Television. David’s IMDb biography indicates that he is a producer and production manager. Angela, David’s stepmother, starred in the 1999 film The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax, for which David is also well-known.

David told The Morning Call at the time, “We are thrilled to maintain our studio origins.” We have had a good relationship with both the former and present management teams, and we look forward to collaborating on more projects.”

David was married to the 68-year-old actress Catherine Bach from 1976 to 1981.

Anthony Shaw

The 70-year-old Anthony Pullen Shaw was born on January 7, 1952. It had been almost three years since the wedding of his parents.

Let's Find Out Who Are Angela Lansbury's Kids?

Early on, Anthony, like his half-brother, was likewise interested in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me and A Bridge Too Far. Anthony produced and directed a total of 68 episodes of Murder, She Wrote. He joined Angela in the 1982 Broadway production of A Little Family Business.

Since 1980, Anthony has been married to Lee Speer Webster, with whom he shares three children: Ian Lansbury Shaw, Katherine Beeson Shaw, and Peter John Shaw. They are Angela’s sole grandchildren, as none of his other brothers had children.

Deidre Shaw

Angela and Peter have one and only daughter, Deidre Shaw, who is 69 years old. Approximately one year after the birth of Anthony, Angela became pregnant with Deidre.

Let's Find Out Who Are Angela Lansbury's Kids?

Only Deidre has transitioned away from the entertainment sector. Enzo and Angela is an Italian restaurant that she and her chef husband created in Los Angeles. They first met in Italy and have been cooking together ever since. The restaurant’s Instagram account shows countless images of her entire family, however, it appears to have just shuttered.