White Chicks 2 – After 17 Years, What Can We Expect?

White chicks were out in 2004 and it became a hit among the people. The show ended after season 1 with people hoping for another season. Now, looking back to the old good times, they were great.

The show was honestly great and people were crazy for Shawn & Marlon. Everything about the show was amazing and people are waiting for the second installment.

Although, after 17 years of the release there are still chances of getting back the season 2. The producers of this show are thinking of the second part for a long time but what is the status of it? 

In this article, we are going to discuss the series in detail and also about the second installment in detail. Interested to know about it? Read this article till the end.

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What are White Chicks?

The American comedy-drama was initially released in 2004 for the people. The series was initially directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans and it was amazingly produced by Rick Alvarez.

The series was popular among the people but didn’t receive well from the critics. The story of this series revolves around two FBI agents Kevin and Marcus.

Against the budget of $37 Million, it earns $113.1 Million dollars. With so much popularity, people are waiting for another season. It’s been so long but the series is not returning to the big screen for the people.

Now coming to the question, is the second season really happening? Let’s find out this in the next section. 

Is White Chicks 2 Coming?

White Chicks keeperfacts.com

16 years is a long time to wait for the second season of any series. It takes hard for the fans to wait for any series and White chicks is one of that series which makes them wait for long.

Now, the producers of this series have already shown their interest in the second season several times. 

In an interview, the writer of this series, Marlon Wayans said that they are already working on the sequel of the series. He furthermore added and teased the audience by saying that he is already working on the second part.

It’s been a long time since the first release but they are slowly moving back to it. He said, “I like doing movies where I’m a Black man. It’s a lot less makeup”.

Now, with this statement, one can think that the series will happen in the future for sure. The statement of the writer is enough to predict the future of white chicks and I am sure if the series will happen it would be great. 

If there will be more updates in the series then I’ll update this section for you. So, keep it bookmark because I’m pretty sure that you are going to read this again in the future. 

What is the Release Date of White Chicks 2?

The writers have already hinted about the second season and I’m sure you are pretty much searching for the release date of the second part.

The release date of the second part has not been announced yet. There is no insider or any sources which will confirm this news. 

If the production of this series will start this year then we will get to see the second part in 2022 or 2033. But there are no updates regarding the production and I’m pretty much sure that it hasn’t started yet. 

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What Do The Officials Think of White Chicks 2?

White Chicks 2 updates

There were several times when the officials have hinted about the sequel. In the year 2009, the famous TV network Sony confirmed that they are looking for a sequel of White chicks but after this there was nothing.

The sequel got canceled because of some reason which is still unknown to the people. Later in the year 2014, the producer Marlon Wayes said that there will surely be a sequel to the movie. Not only this but he announced that the second part of White chicks is a “must” for the audience and it should happen at any cost. 

When asked by the interviewer why they hadn’t released the sequel after such a long time?

He simply said that “White people… The white man ain’t letting us do it,” Wayans said. “I think people are scared that it’s 10 years removed. Overseas markets have changed and selling foreign isn’t as lucrative as it was for these types of movies.”

The cast of this show has been looking for White chicks 2 for a long time. It’s not the first time Terry Crews has shown their interest in the sequel.

The famous star has said that he and Andy Cohen always talk about the sequel. Terry also said that the lockdown had made him fat; he was still trying to be in shape for the sequel. Aww! We understand you terry! 

So, this summarizes that the officials are sure of making a sequel of White chicks but they are waiting for the perfect timing but I mean it’s been already more than a decade, what do they want more? Anyways, if there will be any more updates then I’ll let you know.

Did They Remove White Chicks from Netflix?

Yes, Netflix has officially removed the popular comedy show White chicks from their streaming platform. The officials have not really given any statement for their action because this is not the first time Netflix performing such an action.

Earlier, they have removed Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality, Chicago, and The Mighty Duck from their platform. The fans of White chicks were not the happiest with this action and they have tried hard to get this show back to Netflix. 

Additionally, they have released a petition regarding this subject. If you are also a fan, who wants to sign this petition then you can sign search it up. 

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Final words 

The producers and writers are all interested in making the second part of this amazing comedy movie. The people are waiting for so long and it’s been more than a decade.

The news regarding the sequel has been coming for a long time and there has been nothing but hints.

The producers are already looking for a storyline and they have said that there will be a  sequel for sure, But when?

We don’t know.

There is no official date out yet and every fan is hoping to have a date at least. I’m one of those fans and all I can do is to wait. The co-stars are already busy with their lives. Although they are really waiting for the sequel too. 

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