Whiskey Cavalier Season 2: Cancelled & Latest Updates!


Last updated on 31 January 2022.

Whiskey Cavalier which is an American Action drama was first released on 27 February 2019. A popular Tv series that gained a lot of attention by its power-catching action and super dialogue was something to watch. During the first episodes, the series attracted over 4.7 Million viewers which is an achievement in itself. As the show progressed, people started to get more interested in it. The show was something that gained a lot of appreciation shortly after the release. After the first season ended, the show started to stop producing more seasons. 


Well, that was a little disappointing for the audience because there were millions of people who were waiting for the second season. The end of the last episodes was something that needs to be complete but where is Season 2 of Whiskey Cavalier? In this article, we are going to discuss everything we know about this amazing action drama series. Wanna know? Then keep reading till the last. 

Whiskey Cavalier – A Perfect series for Action Drama lovers

An action-drama series which was created by the famous David Hemingson. The show was exclusively created for the ABC channel. Whiskey Cavalier was first released for the ABC channel later it was made available on the Amazon Prime videos too. 


The show revolves around the character Will Chase and Francesca. Both of them are undercover agents who work together for world peace. The show stars, Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan for the role of the lead character. 

The series was a perfect example of how to market any series to the audience because the show makers started to popularize it during the time of Academy awards. After the rapid growth in the viewership, the show makers were really looking forward to some bunch of more seasons but unfortunately, there are none. 

Why did Whiskey Cavalier get canceled?

Whiskey Cavalier season 2

The first episode of Whiskey Cavalier was literally a hit for the people. The people were really looking forward to the second season but as the last episode of season 2 aired, the fans were shocked to hear that there will be no more season 2. 

The reason behind the cancellation of the Whiskey Cavalier was the low viewership. The number of audiences declined as the show started to release more episodes. The first episodes gained over 4.7 Million while the fourth season was only made 2.5 Million views. The downfall graph of the show was not something that was expected by the show makers. The people also outraged by saying that even the 2.5 Million views were enough. There are many series that started the show with only a handful of Million views but they still make new seasons just to make the fans happy so why the millions of people weren’t enough for the Show makers? 

Through insider news, it was later revealed that the Whiskey Cavalier cancellation was a tough decision for the creators. They don’t want to do it but the final decision was the cancellation. 

The president of ABC Entertainment said in an interview that “We thought we gave it a very strong launch in spring. But we lost audience”

With this, we can conclude that the series is not returning to the ABC network because they were unable to meet the demand of the company.

The Whiskey Cavalier Season 2 has been officially Cancelled and now no plans are there for it, confirmed by Tonightstv. 

Will there be a Second Season of Whiskey Cavalier?

Whiskey Cavalier season 2

The story ended on a cliffhanger and it opens a lot of possibilities regarding what can happen in the show. The people were not satisfied with the ending just like what happens with the famous Game of Thrones series. 

But there is nothing that is officially confirmed yet. The series is permanently canceled by the ABC network and I don’t really see the future of the second season. Even the showrunner has tweeted about the cancellation of Whiskey Cavalier season 2.

David Hemingson has said in the post “#WhiskeyCavalier may have been canceled by @ABCNetwork, but it ain't over yet folks. We're trying our hardest to find a new home for our beloved show. In the meantime, live-tweeting episode 112 tonight at 10 pm. Long live Whiskey.”

Through the statement, it is quite clear that they are trying to find another channel for this show. The show has already had enough content for the storyline and more episodes and they are just looking for their ideal TV broadcasting channel that meets their demand. It is not an impossible task to find a TV channel because there are tons of it. 

Plus the show was also quite popular and after its cancellation, the show has gained more viewers. So there are chances that we can watch more seasons of Whiskey Cavalier in the future. 

What is Whiskey Cavalier About?

Whiskey Cavalier

The story of this show revolves around two lead roles who are an FBI agent named Will Chase and Francesca Trowbridge who is also called by Frankie. These two characters are the main protagonist of this show with the former being the main and the latter being the sub-main. Will Chase, whose code name is Whiskey Cavalier is an FBI agent who is truly devoted to his job. He has recently broken up with his girlfriend. He is asked to work with the other officer named Frankie, who is a CIA officer. The show gets interesting as it involves a lot of action, 

These two characters are no less than Marvel superheroes and they have saved the world many times in the show. Even there were times when we thought that one of them is going to die but they didn’t because they have each other. 

The show also took a romantic turn in the story when these characters fall for each other. As the story moved forward the show started to see more details. As the show ends in suspense yet satisfactory, it definitely allows the writer for more story. 

The showrunner has already shown their interest to restart the story just waiting for the right time. If there is anything happening in the show then I’ll surely update you through this article. Bookmark it to get the latest update. 

When Whiskey Cavalier is going to release?

The show will happen only when other TV channels pick it up. While it is not really announced it the series has already become part of another family but will someday. The officials already showed their interest in this topic and even confirmed it so there is no problem with it. 

The story has already a lot of things to be covered so choosing a script wouldn't be a tough decision for the people. Coming to the release date which isn’t announced yet but we hope one day it will. If everything goes fine and the creators are able to pick up their designated TV channel, we can hope to see the SHOW REALLY SOON. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The critics have judged the show and rated it with pretty good ratings but the ABC still points out this as the “Cancellations” excuse. Before starting this topic let’s take a look at the critics rating.

The show has over 78% of Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.1/10 IMDb rating. 

While this rating looks normal to me and being an entertainment writer for a long time, this isn’t the baddest rating I have ever seen in my career but sarcastically the channel points out this to be the reason for not renewing the series. There are even rumors that the company might face conflicts with the series officials and that's why all these things happened. There is no confirmation if this really happens or not.

At the last, the Audience rating summary of Whiskey Cavalier is 4.8 stars. 

Series Whiskey Cavalier Season 2
Release Date Cancelled
Seaons 1
Genre Action Drama

Final words

The show admirers are waiting for the second season but somewhere it isn’t going to happen at all. The original broadcasting channel ABC channel has already declined permission for the second season. While this was a tough decision for them, they still choose to not broadcast it. The officials are looking for some other source so that they can entertain the people again with their amazing storyline. If anything happens in the future then I’ll let you know. 

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